Americapox: The Missing Plague

23 nov. 2015
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Why didn't the Europeans get sick when they made contact with the American Indians?
Part 2:
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  • Geography is king.

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  • 5:30 The guy who ate the bat: I guess I won... kind of

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  • Очень интересно спасибо

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  • You didn't mention Syphilis

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  • ''nothing to do with players and all to do with the map'' wow so dumb.

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  • "Survive and you'll never get it again" Covid19 be like "Yeah, about that."

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  • 10:17 a game board that uses hexagons!

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  • He left out Syphilis. Also, he wasn't entirely accurate for a few other reasons. He should have worded the question "why Europeans got less less sick". Lots of white people in America died of smallpox too just at 30% and not 90% like the natives. Also, when Northern Europeans came to the subtropics like in my city of Charleston, most of them dropped dead in droves from diseases like Malaria. There is a huge reason the English got to found Boston just after 1620 but it was another fifty years before they got to Charleston. Because most people who moved to Charleston just flat died shortly after they got here. Charleston got to exist because England dumped enough human fodder on it that eventually enough people with natural resilience against subtropical diseases were here to keep the population going. Well, the other half of the population was more resistant to Malaria but they had other problems that outweighed that comparatively minor benefit.

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  • This didn't age that well

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  • With all of this world’s amazingness, someone still was stupid enough to eat a bat and start a worldwide virus.

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  • Mmmmm....... Corona

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  • Would guinea pigs in South America count as being domesticated?

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  • I know people are watching this during the current pandemic, so: Corona

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  • Look up the history of Syphillus though. It could have been a new world diesease.

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  • Here we are 4 years later

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  • The animals thing is just weird. The ancestors of modern cattle were not very different from Buffalo. They were twice as large, ornery herd animals. The domestication process is what made them cows, not some cowishness.

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  • *CPG on damage control trying to show how the Indians living in the Stone Age for 14,000 years “wasn’t their fault.”* 😂

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  • welp.... you Americans really got your America pox i guess

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  • ITT: people who do not know that COVID-19 is due to some guy making soup from a bat in China. Like, that was confirmed. Once again, China's open meat markets have delivered us their once per five or so year horrible illness... And we're gonna let them keep those...

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  • This video is based almost entirely on Jared Diamond's "Guns Germs and Steel", but doesn't make mention of the fact that Guns Germs and Steel is not a widely accepted historical theory. I think the video should offer some links to resources with different viewpoints.

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  • I think that this is the unintended explanation for Prometheus movie.

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  • Drama llamas.

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  • basically we should all be vegan

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  • Does anybody know the soundtrack that plays at the beginning and end of this video? It's been four years, and I still haven't figured it out.

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  • And there we coronavirus again....... Aww COVID!!!!!!

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  • Anyone else think the music at 3:21 sounds like a fast version of “Into Sandy’s City” from Doom 2?

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  • This did not age well

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  • 2:15 "These are America's Biggest Killers" 2020: Write that down, write that down!

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  • 2015: Someone talking about Americapox 2020: The only thing people mension: *COVIDOPOX*

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  • The Inca used metal btw

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  • The mere existence of the US today is a plague in itself

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  • Did he just predict coronavirus 5 years before it happened?

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  • sounds a lot like Guns Germs and Steel.

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  • unfortunately "you can't get a plague twice" has proven to be incorrect in terms of the most relevant plague of our lifetimes

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  • Given the time it takes to sail between the two continents, wouldn't an Ameripox either kill the ship crew or burns itself out before reaching mainland Europe?

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    • There's the possibility of some people surviving but remaining carriers - but it would certainly be harder for it to cross back as most of the time too much of the crew would die to complete the journey (after all if it wasn't deadly enough for that it wouldn't count as a plague by european standards)

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  • Yo big G. Why didn't the just balance the map? Could have patched in like cows and sheep to spawn The new world as well. Seems like a bug to only have llamas to me man.

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  • wow, this actually says a lot about corona that we should've all known.

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  • It’s not a playground for plagues It’s a plagueround

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  • I thought native Americans had dogs too i.e. the Chihuahua or the dog wool breed of the pacific NW

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  • Why no one talk about Covid19?

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  • 5:21 didn't age well

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  • This did not age well.

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  • China: Write that down

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  • How did the Vikings not pass diseases to the native Americans? But more significantly, how did diseases not get passed by nomadic reindeer herdsmen in Northeastern Asia, to nomadic hunter/fishermen who travelled back and forth across the Bering straight?

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    • Idk there probably wasn’t enough interaction between them. the Europeans of the 15 century had manny more interactions then the Vikings in the 12th

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  • 5:30 The guy who ate the soup: well this must be my lucky day!!

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  • So you couldn't domesticate a buffalo but you can domesticate an ox, that doesn't really make sense to me

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  • Really feeling 3:07 rn

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  • Meanwhile in 2020

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  • Showing the animals in domesticated form doesn't help, the ancient ox might be a whole lot more like a bison since one of its ancestors was the European Bison aka wisent, in any way a whole lot less like a modern cow. The dog doesn't count since derived from the wolf, and precolumbian America had wolves. And some regard syphilis as the American Pox (it was even called "a pox" in the 19th century). Soldiers often brought it home. But maybe because it is a slow killer it is more like Hansen's disease.

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  • This was a great video

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  • 2020, the year of plague. Like if u are watching this after 2020. Tell me if we are still alive. ;)

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  • 5:30 Sounds familiar 10:23 PM 11/12/2020

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  • "Germs from animals jumping to humans is incredibly rare"

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  • Technically there were horses in America but they died out before mankind really kicked off.

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  • The new world was absolutely ripe with animals to be domesticated.the ancestor of the modern cow was, in all records we have, described as the same size of a buffalo. The americas had wild boar and wolves too.

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  • 18:18 Behold The bestagons

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  • Didn't syphilis come from the Americas?

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  • The new world had a plateau that nobody could get past, until the old worlders brought the keys to progression it would never get better. There just wasn't enough people to stop focusing on food and start focusing on science and culture. I still wish they tried a little harder to preserve the native American ways, it would be cool to see how they would've developed after recovering from the plague and find their world full of new things.

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  • 8:39 H E X A G O N S

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  • "Germs jumping from animals to humans is extraordinarily rare" Some Chinese guy about to eat a bat:

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  • This video means so much more now in 2020

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