Alpha Betas Exclusive Scene - CIA Security Check

1 mrt. 2021
1 453 712 Weergaven

The pilot for my new animated show premieres MARCH 13, 2021 on @VanossGaming’s channel! Follow Alpha Betas below for more info.
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In #AlphaBetas​, video games are powering the world thanks to a massive, top-secret CIA program. The show follows an elite virtual strike force of four top gamers as they drop into the virtual realms of video games to fix potentially world-ending issues. Known as the Alpha Team, these four willfully reckless and dangerously arrogant guys are the tip of a five-hundred billion dollar US Government spear sent to be heroes in high-octane pixelated worlds.
Starring & Executive Producers:
Evan Fong, VanossGaming
Tyler Wine, I AM WILDCAT
Marcel Cunningham, BasicallyIDoWrk
Brian Hanby, Terroriser
Created by Chris Bruno & David Lee
Produced by:
Starburns Industries
Additional Voices by:
Chris Parnell
Paget Brewster
Stephanie Beatriz
John DiMaggio
Brent Morin

  • Did they delete this out of the episode?

    Danny LynchDanny Lynch4 dagen geleden
  • Terroriser having Terrorist weapons

    Silent PriestSilent Priest4 dagen geleden
  • The drab cold interestedly bathe because meeting gully suffer worth a quaint accountant. plausible, true textbook

    Smoove BucketsSmoove Buckets13 dagen geleden
  • when is ep 2?

    Bones GamingBones Gaming19 dagen geleden
  • Why was this scene not in the episode even though the episode was a plot ep

    GooeySlinky450GooeySlinky45025 dagen geleden
  • I love the intro and outro song so perfect 👌

    Anthony LedezmaAnthony Ledezma25 dagen geleden
  • Cocaine

    Letícia SousaLetícia Sousa26 dagen geleden
  • Did jane literally do a line of baking soda

    The King of MoncowThe King of Moncow26 dagen geleden
  • i'll watch this and die happy

    EnigmaEnigma26 dagen geleden
  • Reviewers of the Kevin Spacey autobiography include fellow sex-offenders R. Kelly and Charlie Rose, and one of his victims, by the looks of it.

    TimesNewLoganTimesNewLogan27 dagen geleden
  • The phobic aunt energetically arrest because internet electronically kneel during a secretive snowstorm. animated, coherent witness

    cupidcupid29 dagen geleden
    • @cupid I am not a coherent witness

      Levi QueenLevi Queen27 dagen geleden
    • @Levi Queen mike

      cupidcupid27 dagen geleden
    • What the fuck does this mean?

      Levi QueenLevi Queen28 dagen geleden
  • 0:50 so THATS where the doll suddenly appeared in the episode

    Generic Timestamper & Stupendium FanboyGeneric Timestamper & Stupendium FanboyMaand geleden
  • At 2:01 i thought i was gonna get rick rolled

    PlantMaker 1200PlantMaker 1200Maand geleden
  • Kinda makes sense when Steven is a robot and can detect what material in people's clothes.

    AnzoAnzoMaand geleden
  • why is evan playing a white guy but everybody else is playing their own race? is he ashamed of being asian or something?

    Pyat PreePyat PreeMaand geleden
  • Wildcat saying this is cocaine is perfect

    Jacks AceJacks AceMaand geleden
  • r/technicallythetruth

    Kevin Alvi SunaryoKevin Alvi SunaryoMaand geleden
  • These guys are my favorite cartoon people

    OrangeLightning GachaOrangeLightning GachaMaand geleden

    Uluakinofo TaliauliUluakinofo TaliauliMaand geleden
  • 2:01 I thought it was a rickroll lol Il😂🤣

    Lenny_Playz .I.Lenny_Playz .I.Maand geleden
  • Why the kevin spacey autobiography?

    noesjahshejdegkaahjzusnoesjahshejdegkaahjzusMaand geleden

    Hunter SligerHunter SligerMaand geleden
  • Tommy is my favourite character!^^

    Skyfaller3DSkyfaller3DMaand geleden
  • Now I realize why the boss hates alpha team

    lazylion gameslazylion gamesMaand geleden
  • I cant wait for the next alpha beta episode

    NightSlasherNightSlasherMaand geleden
  • This reminds me of the airport death run.

    You expected it to be Dio But it was me JonathanYou expected it to be Dio But it was me JonathanMaand geleden
  • Im confused. They said the pilot episode was for people to try and pick up the series but they have all these scenes as exclusives??

    Adan LeyvaAdan LeyvaMaand geleden
    • They’re picking up traction for the show to be picked up, imagine what they could do with a studio budget

      ProSniperGamingProSniperGaming29 dagen geleden
  • i want nogla to be a npc when they go into a game and all he say is mmhmmm

    Vix HQVix HQMaand geleden
  • Technically that is a rocket propelled GRENADE

    Alpha WolfAlpha WolfMaand geleden
  • So is nobody gonna talk about how the security lady started feeling up the blow doll ???

    blue flashblue flashMaand geleden
  • Steven is gay

    I’m Pickle Rick!!!I’m Pickle Rick!!!Maand geleden
  • Steven is really something.

    Dr. Sky SpadesDr. Sky SpadesMaand geleden
  • The show is actually pretty good

    Jasmine MayersJasmine MayersMaand geleden
  • Commenting for the algorithm

    Infamous WildmanInfamous WildmanMaand geleden

    Pinche BryanPinche BryanMaand geleden
  • Well according to the label this is cocaine

    Not BeanNot BeanMaand geleden
  • I sadly didn't get the WD-40 joke...

    Nice Guy RioNice Guy RioMaand geleden
    • I didn't get it

      TGNTGNMaand geleden
  • This shit is ass the voice don’t match the character

    Read my comment Ayo read thisRead my comment Ayo read thisMaand geleden
    • @Tags :D all

      Read my comment Ayo read thisRead my comment Ayo read thisMaand geleden
    • Which character?

      Tags :DTags :DMaand geleden
  • Oi when the next one coming out

    MrBuTtErSkEtMrBuTtErSkEtMaand geleden
  • All we need is zoidberg with the mmhmm sound and that will be perfect

    waluigi unfazerwaluigi unfazerMaand geleden
  • Alpha Betas is the best thing to happen to me In 2021

    Skylar HareSkylar HareMaand geleden
  • Too bad this wasn’t in the episode but that’s fine

    Moose BuckleMoose BuckleMaand geleden
  • :I

    Gab CastGab CastMaand geleden
  • Allison: why do you need a rocket launcher in real life?? Mason: to launch rockets? Me: well no sh*t sherlock

    Colgunzz lolColgunzz lolMaand geleden
  • Nice, I'm now obliged to sub to you guys

    Christian LargoChristian LargoMaand geleden
  • I heard Jerry from Rick and Morty

    spiksspiksMaand geleden
  • 0:21

    Archie 1000k aliensArchie 1000k aliensMaand geleden
  • Future googling man and will I ever get married No you will die alone

    dragon borndragon bornMaand geleden
  • Who brings a rocket launcher in a airport?!

    Li ZhangLi ZhangMaand geleden
    • I guess you missed the part where it says "CIA HEADQUARTERS: LANGLEY, VA"

      TGNTGNMaand geleden
  • Steven = Joe Biden

    DinoBoricuaDinoBoricuaMaand geleden
  • It’s been a while since I’ve seen an animation I really enjoy

    Ryan RevetRyan RevetMaand geleden
  • Is all of the whole series going to be on vanos

    Blitzdog 12Blitzdog 12Maand geleden
  • this show looks bloody hilarious. I'm actually excited to see more

    Total Creative GamingTotal Creative GamingMaand geleden
  • Caleb BelyeuCaleb BelyeuMaand geleden
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Kyle JustinianoKyle JustinianoMaand geleden
  • This has great potential, would love to see more of this 👍🏻

    Aaron MarkeyAaron MarkeyMaand geleden
  • Wildcats and BIDW is my favorite characters lol

    Lexer WilliamsLexer WilliamsMaand geleden
  • One rocket a pistol and the launcher for the rocket

    Belle PythonBelle PythonMaand geleden
  • that appears to be cocaine 😗

    nightjokerrznightjokerrzMaand geleden
  • :D

    sinister 434 is currently retiredsinister 434 is currently retiredMaand geleden
  • what does the things in Masons case mean? I think i know the book's purpose.

    Tobias NielsenTobias NielsenMaand geleden
  • Im--- so impress 👁️💦👄💦👁️ I love this

    yuubun199yuubun199Maand geleden
  • Lol she brought the rocket launcher deeper into cia headquarters. Just to have this argument

    James jonesJames jonesMaand geleden
  • The first episode was great!

    IanTheGreatIanTheGreatMaand geleden
  • i was gonna ask how he got this informtio when the episode happend 1 day ago then i look at the account

    Samantha MccarthySamantha MccarthyMaand geleden
  • What could I do to watch every episode plzzzzzzzz

    Ashton RodriguezAshton RodriguezMaand geleden
  • Today I found out Evan=Eddie Tyler=Tommy Marcel=Mason Brian=Buck Same initials

    Justin GJustin GMaand geleden
  • Doooggg sshiiiittt

    Ronny WilliamsonRonny WilliamsonMaand geleden
  • Ngl... This is garbage ..

    Ronny WilliamsonRonny WilliamsonMaand geleden
  • Will there be a tommy jacket for merch or plushie

    Nobody hereNobody hereMaand geleden
  • They had to fit 4:20 in there somewhere

    Broben5Broben5Maand geleden
  • For the end of a series make nogla show up and go “mmhmm”

    Fried sandwichFried sandwichMaand geleden
  • 💜💜🙌🙌👏👏

    Sizz RizzSizz RizzMaand geleden
  • After watching the first episode, the "mmmm. Cotton blend, I know it. " Line from Steven is infinitely more disturbing

    Victor SnyderVictor SnyderMaand geleden
  • Mason: "To launch rockets?" I mean he ain't wrong.

    Gaming KirbyGaming KirbyMaand geleden
  • This is my second time watching this extra scene, and I thought Jane sounded familiar the first time, but I am so amazed that that's Stephanie Beatriz. Best extra voice ever

    Josh CJosh CMaand geleden
  • it funny how it promote vanoss channel in d end lol

    banana tearexbanana tearexMaand geleden
  • Do you mind if I take this clips and edit this into the episode?

    TankuiTokuTankuiTokuMaand geleden
    • “Exclusive scene”

      Dead ChannelDead ChannelMaand geleden
  • Is this a deleted scene bc it wasn’t in the full episode

    Michael HohlMichael HohlMaand geleden

    lit 2.0lit 2.0Maand geleden
  • Just watched it omg I love it

    Sl66PYChanSl66PYChanMaand geleden
  • ​🚽

    Im HydratedIm HydratedMaand geleden
  • Looks good and something that ibwould enjoy watching

    I am chakaI am chakaMaand geleden
  • I have a feeling noglas gonna be the main villain

    Louis AdvientoLouis AdvientoMaand geleden
  • Literally can’t wait till 11am pst

    TazzmanyuTazzmanyuMaand geleden
  • “Why do you need a rocket launcher in Real life” Pretty obvious to rocket jump

    Heavy Weapons guyHeavy Weapons guyMaand geleden
  • So you can obviously tell that they are gonna be doing some pranks wars and stuff that they do on their NLworld channels

    Gaming time With deanGaming time With deanMaand geleden
  • Saying this now this show gonna be really funny

    Slender 2005Slender 2005Maand geleden
  • Eddie is just Evan in cartoon form. I wonder who plays him? 🤔

    Harris HoltHarris HoltMaand geleden
    • Guess we will never know

      KokichiKokichiMaand geleden
    • I wonder.

      weegeeweegeeMaand geleden
  • Jan is a party pooper

    Stg GrowtonStg GrowtonMaand geleden
  • Wildcat x Basicallyidowrk

    FaZe Gl1tChFaZe Gl1tChMaand geleden
    • @nae nae before ya get whoopin Yes

      FaZe Gl1tChFaZe Gl1tChMaand geleden
    • No

      nae nae before ya get whoopinnae nae before ya get whoopinMaand geleden
  • Where Will i be able to watch this

    EDrocks23EDrocks23Maand geleden
  • We need droid to take them there and say "Uber for Eddie"

    Amheer Karlo BeltranAmheer Karlo BeltranMaand geleden
  • 1:39 Anyone else notice that that the rocket launcher switches hands each time she turns around?

    Timothy StricklerTimothy StricklerMaand geleden
  • POG

    MochiMochiMaand geleden
  • 1:46 Pure Savagery. It has the same energy as "Silence Liberal", I love it. **MASON**

    Artan9000Artan9000Maand geleden
  • Am I the only one who noticed? Mason a r c e l Eddie v a n Tommy y l e r Buck r i a n Just sayin...

    YungJohn 23YungJohn 23Maand geleden
    • I noticed that too

      nae nae before ya get whoopinnae nae before ya get whoopinMaand geleden
  • damn, daniel -JFK and BTK

    Maxximus HicksMaxximus HicksMaand geleden
  • I lost count on how many times i watched this shorts

    FireFuzion // JDFireFuzion // JDMaand geleden
  • :D

    THE big fat pandaTHE big fat pandaMaand geleden