Airbag off Bridge Launch!

4 apr. 2021
4 418 473 Weergaven

Thanks for watching! Love you guys!

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    Danny DuncanDanny Duncan18 dagen geleden
    • I watched 1 of your videos for the first time n got hooked 😂 if you dont have a security gaurd n are looking for someone im for hire. I have my gun license n will protect you bro please stay safe out there Danny we need you to keep dropping these banger videos 💪

      C JC J6 dagen geleden
    • @Maximo Duke awesome! Took like 20 mins but it worked!

      London TrevorLondon Trevor7 dagen geleden
    • dont know if anyone cares but yesterday I hacked my girl friends Instagram password using Instapwn. You can find it by Googling for Instapwn account hacker if you wanna try it yourself

      Maximo DukeMaximo Duke7 dagen geleden
    • Danny please let me smoke with my brother rosco

      king keeseking keese8 dagen geleden
    • Danny is it in a kid small or adult small

      Manz WalterManz Walter9 dagen geleden
  • 8:04 C'ya Brenda

    GoatqueenGoatqueen3 minuten geleden
  • dog be careful. tboning is illegal. if a cop seen yall would be fucked. invite me before you try it.

    TylerTylerUur geleden
  • I wanna rep his merch so bad but I can’t afford it lol it’s probably 50 a hoodie 🤣😭

    Josh ThompsonJosh Thompson2 uur geleden

    Maddox_skateboardMaddox_skateboard3 uur geleden
  • I think that was a man

    Hunter SiererHunter Sierer9 uur geleden
  • Fuck I hope papa Jim lives forever

    colton osenbaughcolton osenbaugh12 uur geleden
  • why do people get so mad at harmless stuff?

    Daniel VasquezDaniel Vasquez19 uur geleden
  • At this point I think Danny’s dad is Johnny Sins

    1Boomin Bavid11Boomin Bavid120 uur geleden
  • I would’ve sat on the airbag u had the Xbox on 😂

    Guillermo CalderonGuillermo Calderon20 uur geleden
  • People wonder how dannny gets away with this, what you have failed to consider is he’s in Florida. I actully went 180 through a neighborhood today took out 6 mailboxes and 1 mailman and a cop watched me do the whole thing. ...Florida....

    Mike TyanMike TyanDag geleden
  • danny lives the life everyone dreams of

    WikfyWikfyDag geleden
  • That lady in blue is a guy

    Manuel RodriguezManuel RodriguezDag geleden
  • But that’s never going to happen

    Layten KentLayten KentDag geleden
  • I would love to have that boat

    Layten KentLayten KentDag geleden
  • Man your buddy hitting the side of the bridge and then falling in was the hardest I’ve laughed in years

    Karam SinghKaram SinghDag geleden
  • Dude i love your videos man

    francisco brandalisefrancisco brandaliseDag geleden
  • That old lady is a man

    William GannonWilliam GannonDag geleden
  • Came from Images Before a Terrible Event

    Ollie Skywalker PlaysOllie Skywalker PlaysDag geleden
  • his dad probably owns Florida, we never know

    Flying ChickensFlying ChickensDag geleden
  • 3:59 when papa Jim turned around i was scared to death lol

    Nolan NNolan NDag geleden

    Trap EthiopiaTrap EthiopiaDag geleden
  • that boat scene was fucking killing me man

    Michael RoachMichael RoachDag geleden
  • Danny out here playing gta irl lmao 1:25

    SwazezSwazezDag geleden
  • The fuck, I don’t know that was josh

    Chocolate Covered BaconChocolate Covered BaconDag geleden
  • its gonna be very sad when papa jim dies

    robobot gamingrobobot gamingDag geleden
  • 1:02 I thought that was a person 😂

    SquobblesSquobbles2 dagen geleden
  • Danny out here living his life like he's in a gta online lobby

    the running manthe running man2 dagen geleden
  • This dude childish af but he having fun and don't give a shi ab anyones opinion.

    Cooper ClarkCooper Clark2 dagen geleden
  • 3:25 yeah if you killed someone it doesn’t make you a murderer

    Nathan YuNathan Yu2 dagen geleden
  • papa jim looks so happy

    ShlomperShlomper2 dagen geleden
  • Bro when that man got launched into the lake I started DYING laughing that made my day

    kokozakakokozaka2 dagen geleden
  • “Joking is not lying” -Danny Duncan 2021

    Hamza AlkalthamHamza Alkaltham2 dagen geleden
  • Josh’s new haircut tho 😏

    Frosty JaysFrosty Jays2 dagen geleden
  • Or Karen

    Aaron ArmstrongAaron Armstrong3 dagen geleden
  • 10:39 what u came for!

    Adeliah-Maria Latu-ApineruAdeliah-Maria Latu-Apineru3 dagen geleden
  • This feels illegal watching this

    ConTechConTech3 dagen geleden
  • Is that mrs. puff

    gazorbazorb 671gazorbazorb 6713 dagen geleden
  • hilarious when kwan falls off of the bridge

    Diego TineoDiego Tineo3 dagen geleden
  • god bless you. I just really enjoy seeing grampy have fun

    Robert ButcherRobert Butcher3 dagen geleden
  • That one green shirt girl sounds like miss puff in spongebob

    Ryanplaytime18Ryanplaytime183 dagen geleden
  • You gotta post more your videos are so funny

    Jacob TorresJacob Torres3 dagen geleden
  • Tell Kewan I am the kid he met at the golf course

    Enzo FairfieldEnzo Fairfield3 dagen geleden
  • Buying those police cars is worth the money

    Rz_CrackerzYTRz_CrackerzYT4 dagen geleden
  • Brenda more like Rick🤣

    CBGCBG4 dagen geleden
  • Karen encounters are annoying asf

    Endrit BajramiEndrit Bajrami4 dagen geleden
  • love you Danny

    Joe DibJoe Dib4 dagen geleden
  • Dude I would of been hyped to get my ass blasted off a bridge with an airbag

    Nathan TayrienNathan Tayrien4 dagen geleden
  • Danny:im a junior deputy Danny:Breaks law right after Law :😶

    Big BertBig Bert4 dagen geleden
  • he needs hip surgery

    Anime_God 224Anime_God 2244 dagen geleden

    l8Osl8Os4 dagen geleden
  • “Roscoe the sailor man”😂😂😂😂

    A P14A P144 dagen geleden
  • I went to like this video 3 times

    Tavis MetcalfeTavis Metcalfe4 dagen geleden
  • Imagine you messed up and hit the back of an actual cop

    Troy EdmistonTroy Edmiston4 dagen geleden
  • gta in real life

    Davis HeronDavis Heron4 dagen geleden
  • Don't tell me what to do 😂

    icant cicant c4 dagen geleden
  • How is this guy not in jail?

    c ducotec ducote4 dagen geleden
    • @c ducote dont do it again

      cubixxcubixx3 dagen geleden
    • @cubixx my bad I forgot

      c ducotec ducote4 dagen geleden
    • his dad owns the police dpt

      cubixxcubixx4 dagen geleden

    Jay CollumJay Collum4 dagen geleden
  • The pit maneuvers got me cracking up

    Jay CollumJay Collum4 dagen geleden
  • Is Kewon ok

    marion schoolfieldmarion schoolfield4 dagen geleden
  • 10:45 actual footage from Zambia space program colourised in 1964.

    Dominique G.Dominique G.4 dagen geleden
  • Be carful with the gators bro😪

    - zAnxmus -- zAnxmus -4 dagen geleden
  • Papa Jim is like Queen Elizabeth he will never die

    Thesack 6969Thesack 69694 dagen geleden
  • what if he did it to a real cop

    kurt zkurt z4 dagen geleden
  • 11:20 I think im the only one who heard him say “batteries not included” i fuckin laughed so hard.

    ImMorTal PhoEniXImMorTal PhoEniX4 dagen geleden
  • Fuck matt why is he still round hes one to continue to steal look at him

    ngjfjvnf kabottifbrnvngjfjvnf kabottifbrnv4 dagen geleden
  • i know his a jr deputy but got dam haha

    U MU M4 dagen geleden
  • Bro literally the first time we saw roscoe I was literally saying to myself “I want to see this guy more” and never thought it would happen

    Joseph RagostaJoseph Ragosta4 dagen geleden
  • Where has this channel been my whole life 😭

    Keaton NelsonKeaton Nelson4 dagen geleden
  • Bruh he's just hitting cars this is the best yt

    Tyler MedeirosTyler Medeiros5 dagen geleden
  • You should’ve put one under the Tesla

    CN1 BRYANCN1 BRYAN5 dagen geleden
  • New breed of karen: the brenda

    Woof barkWoof bark5 dagen geleden
  • Holy shit😂😂😂

    Todd LeMastersTodd LeMasters5 dagen geleden
  • Is that a women or a man

    memebombermemebomber5 dagen geleden
  • Everyone gonna skip the fact that his elbows are like white as sand

    Skiff on YtSkiff on Yt5 dagen geleden
  • hire hire bi

    Jameel Shaibi1Jameel Shaibi15 dagen geleden
  • My dad hit me cause of how hard I was laughing

    Joshua RomeroJoshua Romero5 dagen geleden
  • New age tweaker

    steven tuckersteven tucker5 dagen geleden
  • Belly flop onto the concrete wall and into the water 1.2 out of 10 :) 10:38

    freedom starfreedom star5 dagen geleden
  • Papa Jim is honestly the reason why I watch this channel

    Matnetic MattMatnetic Matt5 dagen geleden
  • its like bumper cars irl

    Choxie -XVChoxie -XV5 dagen geleden
  • The women at 4:53 Sounds like a man

    Maddox BoggsMaddox Boggs5 dagen geleden
  • Lol my god the ending is gold

    Monkey FamousMonkey Famous5 dagen geleden
  • “DON’T LIE”

    KelKel5 dagen geleden
  • Omg wtf that was the most funniest f**n moment 10:47 😂😂😂😂😂😂 X1000

    Jesus CastilloJesus Castillo5 dagen geleden
  • Watch 10:40 is so funny

    ScorbunnyScorbunny5 dagen geleden
    • Ahhh

      ScorbunnyScorbunnyDag geleden
  • Karen

    HmMARLEY ッHmMARLEY ッ5 dagen geleden
  • Lmao

    Sigrid SandersSigrid Sanders5 dagen geleden
  • I’m fuckin dyin rn

    MikeyGhee36MikeyGhee365 dagen geleden
  • How come I just seen this a week later?

    KO TeezyKO Teezy5 dagen geleden
  • Owww

    Daniel Arias-CervantesDaniel Arias-Cervantes5 dagen geleden
  • this is our future. Wow where so fucked!

    Fufner KeywheelFufner Keywheel5 dagen geleden

    Tie PodTie Pod5 dagen geleden
  • Damn you be different Danny I like that I feel that energy bro all I can say is be different good shit my guy good shit

    Zachary AkinesZachary Akines5 dagen geleden
  • 8:06 That’s not Brenda that’s brandon

    Austyn LeverageAustyn Leverage5 dagen geleden
  • I believe you got money when you buy me a car🤣

    Chris BeretaChris Bereta5 dagen geleden
  • Damn

    Shana PoppenShana Poppen6 dagen geleden
  • Ow dang I feel bad that looked like it hur

    Shana PoppenShana Poppen6 dagen geleden
  • 10:46 best moment

    CarterCarter6 dagen geleden
  • How is papa Jim doin

    Hockey ProHockey Pro6 dagen geleden