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17 nov. 2020
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aespa 에스파 'Black Mamba' MV ℗ SM Entertainment

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    Ng. Koordam MoyonNg. Koordam Moyon41 seconde geleden

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  • Ready to the next level

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  • AESPA~

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  • Fighting MYs

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  • After ep1 black mamba everything is clearer now. I also think that each member has a role like Giselle is a student, NingNing an artist, Winter some sort of action stuff and Karina is like a celebrity. It's like ep 1 is the continuation of the teasers of each member. Aespa is like a movie or series

    Psycho ArtPsycho Art4 minuten geleden
  • Lets go 147M

    My ForeverMy Forever6 minuten geleden
  • I don't know why people say that they copied Blackpink .It's totally wrong bcs they have unique concept .I m both my and blink. Love two groups

    the scent of positivethe scent of positive6 minuten geleden

    Daffa S YasminDaffa S Yasmin8 minuten geleden
  • ningning

    NayyaNayya13 minuten geleden
  • now it all make sense

    Vivian C.Vivian C.14 minuten geleden
  • Best

    Kim DugongKim Dugong15 minuten geleden
  • Tunggu aja haters yang yang udah mulai menjelek² kan AESPA,akan menjadi sasaran nya black mamba nanti 🐍

    I'm fine Like green PotatoI'm fine Like green Potato17 minuten geleden
  • Haters: (Membicarakan hal buruk tentang aespa) Aespa be like: Jangan main² jangan main² sksskksssss 🐍

    I'm fine Like green PotatoI'm fine Like green Potato18 minuten geleden
  • ~Aespa is the evolution~

    HANNAHANNA20 minuten geleden
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    moonmoonmoonmoon20 minuten geleden
  • Mari kita lihat 2 tahun ke depan.... apakah haters akan menjilat ludahnya sendiri pemirsah???

    Karina NingningKarina Ningning22 minuten geleden
    • Oh sudah pasti.. Knet aja dlu jelek2 in aespa sekarang pada muji2 aespa

      Fairuz Al MuhdarFairuz Al Muhdar15 minuten geleden
  • Most of em are coming after smcu ep 1 but mys like me were here everyday 😚😚 Welcome to new fans!

    HANNAHANNA22 minuten geleden
  • Sampai detik ini black mamba masih tetep candu kalo didengerin... kayak ga ada bosen"nya gitu. Apa cuma aku aja yang begini?

    Karina NingningKarina Ningning24 minuten geleden
    • Same

      Nur Aliah FadilahNur Aliah Fadilah4 minuten geleden
    • Anda tidak sendiri wahai anak mudee

      I'm fine Like green PotatoI'm fine Like green Potato19 minuten geleden
  • I'm gonna miss thir era

    HANNAHANNA24 minuten geleden
  • Okay but why there were colorful snakes with Karina.. is it that they are duplicate black mambas, or juts for aesthetic purposes!? And dang i think they were real

    HANNAHANNA24 minuten geleden
  • raise your hand people who just watched black mamba episode 1 ✋🏻

    Gismar Medina SaenzGismar Medina Saenz33 minuten geleden
    • Hope u stan aespa :)

      HANNAHANNA24 minuten geleden
  • Not me creating another account just to str@m! Alsooo weee let's go!!!!

    NævisNævis33 minuten geleden
  • 146.682.373

    witch wakeywitch wakey34 minuten geleden
  • lets reach 147m before next level release

    kotak suratkotak surat34 minuten geleden
  • 중간에 소리나는거 에어컨 켜지는줄 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    Adams JerseyAdams Jersey34 minuten geleden
  • Coming back to the MV after ep 1, and we see things in different light

    Alison StoneAlison Stone36 minuten geleden
    • Yeah, welcome to aespa's world. It will a wonderful story

      HANNAHANNA23 minuten geleden
  • 146,678,891 views 2,961,695 likes

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  • Love Ningning

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  • Love Giselle

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  • Love Karina

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  • Let's streaming MY 147 M. Fighting

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  • Nonton Aespa ep 1 Black mamba, SMCU. Langsung kesini mantep banget emang

    Aquarius gurlAquarius gurl51 minuut geleden
    • @Kim Dugong tentu

      Aquarius gurlAquarius gurl30 minuten geleden
    • Jangan lupa next level teaser

      Kim DugongKim Dugong49 minuten geleden
  • 0:13 to this song

    I am coronaI am corona51 minuut geleden
  • Imejected

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  • I'm still addicted~

    Cookies For xmasCookies For xmas52 minuten geleden
  • Black mamba

    Kim DugongKim Dugong52 minuten geleden
  • D-1

    swetty candyswetty candy53 minuten geleden
  • 17 is aespa's number -- Nov17 and now May17 if only they released forever on the 17th 🤔

    tangled-Reitangled-Rei53 minuten geleden
  • fighting MY

    swetty candyswetty candy53 minuten geleden
  • I'm so ready for tomorrow! fighting!

    KIM MINSEOKKIM MINSEOK54 minuten geleden
  • Get ready to str2am MY’s!!! Next Level will be uploaded tomorrow!!!

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  • Go MY

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  • here everyday !!! 😍

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  • Ayoo gas 200M sebelum mv ini 1 tahun

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  • black mamba mv teaser got 2.6m in 24 hours

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  • 672

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  • Hi MY'S stream next level teaser 😊

    KKUur geleden
  • Kpop next generation is AESPA

    Sajani ErandikaSajani ErandikaUur geleden
  • Karina visuals is on another level . But Giselle, Winter and Ningning visual is miracle .

    Sajani ErandikaSajani ErandikaUur geleden
  • Nicki Minaj: anaconda aespa: black mamba Do you see a pattern

    Nicholas MatveyNicholas MatveyUur geleden
  • they're gonna have a comeback soon!! so excited

    famous I'm so fabolousfamous I'm so fabolousUur geleden
  • Black mamba forever superior

    Cristian Monfulleda PortosCristian Monfulleda PortosUur geleden
  • 아야야야야야야

    Alexa SimeonAlexa SimeonUur geleden
  • ❤️

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  • すごい!繋がった!!この歌詞の意味がやっと理解できた🥲🌼

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  • ㅎ야ㅓㄷ댜ㅗㄹㅍ

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  • Mys pls str12m to 150 before next level

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  • Happy 1.65M subs 🥳

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  • black mamba es el que interfiere con la conexión de las chicas con sus avatars además black mamba amenaza su mundo

    Love4evaLove4evaUur geleden
  • Nossa como eu conheci esse grupo so agora

  • 664

    Zaine LeeZaine LeeUur geleden
  • NEXT level

    Zaine LeeZaine LeeUur geleden
  • MYs i know that's it will be a busy day tomorrow but please I want to remind everyone that we have a goals. Don't stop streaming when the VLives starts. Use your other gadgets. Let's break a leg tomorrow.

    Era ManjeonsinEra ManjeonsinUur geleden
    • @Era Manjeonsin ty

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    • @ᗩEᔕᑭᗩ 2,643,243

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    • @Era Manjeonsin for the teaser

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    • @ᗩEᔕᑭᗩ views? 21.4M

      Era ManjeonsinEra ManjeonsinUur geleden
    • How many views bm teaser got in 24 hrs

      ᗩEᔕᑭᗩᗩEᔕᑭᗩUur geleden
  • Is it a coincidence that my exam results and Next Level will be released tomorrow?

    Chuan DinhChuan DinhUur geleden
    • Lol, anyway All the best for the result

      Royal VelvetRoyal Velvet30 minuten geleden
    • 😂😂

      HANNAHANNAUur geleden
  • MYs 147M before comeback

    Era ManjeonsinEra ManjeonsinUur geleden
  • We can make it reach 150 million or 200 with our effort we can achieve it together we can encourage anyone to distract us for safe reproduction every day or hours we can make it reach the goal black mamba :)

    Cinthia RamirezCinthia RamirezUur geleden
  • mamamamba

    ledoraledora2 uur geleden
  • Aespa comeback yeoreobun

    Queen Florentina SiburianQueen Florentina Siburian2 uur geleden
  • 146,656,415

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  • Mình đang gặp một vấn đề lớn với giờ giấc đi ngủ. Sau 1 tuần thức khuya học bài ôn thi thì gần đây mình cực kì khó ngủ. Phải đến tận 2h 3h sáng mình mới có thể chợp mắt được. Thế là sáng hôm sau mình mệt lừ, không thể tập trung, nhức hết cả đầu và mang luôn theo cặp mắt panda đến trường 🐼 Việc này rất ảnh hưởng đến kế hoạch học tập của mình. Mong mọi người cho mình vài lời khuyên. Mình rất cảm ơn, chúc mọi người một ngày năng suất 🥰

    Lucy LuckyLucy Lucky2 uur geleden
  • NINGNING (Ning Yizhuo) Is nominated as one of the faces of 2021💜🥰

    장peachykook장peachykook2 uur geleden
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    • In your dreams honey

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    • Ewwww that's what your parents say when you are born

      peachespeaches59 minuten geleden
    • Your Mom's a flop for having you.

      Jin.Jin.Uur geleden
    • You're insecure! Don't worry I'll pray for you.

      Ningning's 100 year old SpoonNingning's 100 year old Spoon2 uur geleden
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    • go to therapy ♡

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  • FLOP

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    • get well soon

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  • lets try 147M until next level

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  • next level 👾

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  • 652 291

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  • MY apa kabarrr

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    • baik

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  • Teaser Next Level trending #15 Indonesia Ep.1 Black Mamba trending #12 Indonesia

    Black MambaBlack Mamba2 uur geleden
    • the power of My indonesia

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  • Let's at least get 147M views and 3M likes before they release Next Level tomorrow please mysss

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  • Keren dan LL kawasan keren kamu ada empat atau lima sih ada 4 * 5 kalian kalian salat enggak Salat dong

    Raisa kusutRaisa kusut2 uur geleden
    • gapaham

      bae jinyoungbae jinyoung2 uur geleden

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  • Teasernya Next Level keren banget

    pinkypinky2 uur geleden
  • Everyone now be like "EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE NOW"

    Raymond PhungRaymond Phung2 uur geleden
  • Next level teaser is literally next level

    Khushi JatKhushi Jat2 uur geleden
  • Yoo Ji Min Uchinaga Aeri Kim Min Jeong Ning Yi Zhuo aespa Black Mamba Forever NEXT LEVEL!

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  • 646 656

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