A Scary Start.. | 3rd Life | Ep.1

20 apr. 2021
691 638 Weergaven

Today we kick off a brand new multiplayer series featuring a load of youtubers we've not played with before, I'm excited to see how this plays out :D Subscribe if you're new and leave a like if you enjoyed :)

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Smajor1995: nlworld.info
Bigbst4tz2: nlworld.info
Etho: nlworld.info
Bdouble0100: nlworld.info
Renthedog: nlworld.info
InTheLittleWood: nlworld.info
GoodTimeWithScar: nlworld.info
ImpulseSV: nlworld.info
Tango: nlworld.info
ZombieCleo: nlworld.info
SolidarityGaming: nlworld.info
Skizzleman: nlworld.info
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  • Basicly One Life

    ꧁ItzRozie_Speed Editz꧂꧁ItzRozie_Speed Editz꧂3 uur geleden
  • 17:02 JOEL

    chiaki nanamichiaki nanami7 uur geleden
  • GEraLd!?! Does nobody remember JEREMYS! Joel, how dare you take away this beautiful dog from the Jeremy tribe.

    ElySe HaleyElySe Haley7 uur geleden
  • I was so scared of him when he said, “bang, and bang, and they bang.” I almost choked on my cereal XD

    MarliiMarlii8 uur geleden
  • ‘Bang and bang! And they bang’ LMAOAOA

    Doctor OnionsDoctor Onions11 uur geleden
  • What about lizzie I like tango and Joel the most

    Lydia GriffithsLydia Griffiths11 uur geleden
  • Wait is Etho's minecraft skin Kakashi?

    Anime PersonAnime Person12 uur geleden
  • "bang, and bang, and they bang" me: *wheezes*

    DragonGirl53DragonGirl5315 uur geleden
  • 7:06 Is it just me or did u hear that big voice crack

    Jamillah TalagJamillah Talag16 uur geleden

    Funny video editsFunny video edits16 uur geleden
  • So we’re not going to pay attention to what he said when he was breading the sheep =0 Have a cookie 🍪=D

    Gaming cubeGaming cube16 uur geleden
  • "Bang and bang they bang" -Joel 2021

    Justin CastillonJustin Castillon16 uur geleden
  • No one: SmallishBeans: Bang and bang and they bang.

    Jeremiah Logan De SouzaJeremiah Logan De Souza16 uur geleden
  • Me: Joel where’s Lizzie? Me: Joel this isn’t funny where is Lizzie?! Me: JOEL WHERE IS LIZZIE-

    Saige RandallSaige Randall19 uur geleden
  • Wo

    Fairy CatFairy Cat20 uur geleden

    Matthew SullivanMatthew Sullivan21 uur geleden
  • Whoever had the Kakashi skin is now my favorite

    Matthew SullivanMatthew Sullivan21 uur geleden
  • Did no one notice when he said this??? 17:00, I found it so funny

    Hailee KellyHailee Kelly22 uur geleden
  • People keep saying “we’re not allowed helmets” but then there’s always at least one person in each video who is wearing a helmet of some kind!

    Bethany WillinghamBethany Willingham23 uur geleden
  • Hi

    Beau ClarkeBeau ClarkeDag geleden
  • Where is Ldshadowlady:(

  • F for Gerald

    Reynell EspenidaReynell EspenidaDag geleden
  • I’m surprised that Joel didn’t name his dog Dog Jerrimy 😂

    Rachael SowardsRachael SowardsDag geleden
  • I don't wanna say anything wrong but why do most of them sound so similar. I can't tell the difference between them sometimes

    Roderrick GamingRoderrick GamingDag geleden
  • smallish hill

    Ari RiceAri RiceDag geleden
  • glad to see you playing with the hermitcraft group, you have a great dynamic together

    Ari RiceAri RiceDag geleden
  • Joel to join hermit craft server

    Peter OrfanosPeter OrfanosDag geleden
  • Is Gerald the new Jeremy??!!!

    Rosie DRosie DDag geleden
  • He should join the dreamSMP!

    ᔕᖳᘎᓰᖇTᔕᔕᖳᘎᓰᖇTᔕDag geleden
  • Me: sees a hobbit hole Also me: that is 99.9 percent grain

    Tabitha FarkasTabitha FarkasDag geleden
    • Or someone from hermitcraft

      Tabitha FarkasTabitha FarkasDag geleden
  • Why are helmets not allowed?

    Beach Boy MinecraftBeach Boy MinecraftDag geleden
  • I see kakashi

    Jenny BJenny BDag geleden
  • 2:56 i was expecting a SHEEEEESH ngl but ok

    Imma _BIRDImma _BIRDDag geleden
  • “DIORITE!!” **kills it** “Nah”

    WhoTookMyWafflesWhoTookMyWafflesDag geleden
  • Rip gerald... the goodest boy on the server 😥😥

    Bethan SeyBethan SeyDag geleden
  • Joel kills the horse And I save horses aka nick em of the street name them armour them and trail em Who is worse

    Charlotte JollyCharlotte JollyDag geleden
  • Stacy just poofed our of existence at this point😔

    Layla EncinasLayla EncinasDag geleden
  • Rip Gerald will always be remembered for is monster killing and loyalty

    I heart GalaxyI heart GalaxyDag geleden
  • Guys donkeys are better then horses and chickens are devils

    You where challenged by gym leader RosaYou where challenged by gym leader RosaDag geleden
  • Yeees- Joel 2021

    Esme WebbEsme WebbDag geleden
  • Alternative title: bragging about how we have sheilds for 10 minutes 😎 | 3rd Life | Ep.1

    Just_IslaJust_Isla2 dagen geleden
  • Joel needs more iron also Joel does not mine a single piece of iron in the cave

    Aesthetic BrosephinesAesthetic Brosephines2 dagen geleden
  • Take the rotten flesh and use it to breed the dogs that you tamed with the bones also I predict

    Johanna GorelickJohanna Gorelick2 dagen geleden
  • 5:31 joel- what- WHAT HAPPENED TO JEREMY?!

    Joe the couch potato GODJoe the couch potato GOD2 dagen geleden
  • Im so excited for a new series!

    Lily BurlesonLily Burleson3 dagen geleden
  • Moment of silence for Gerard the dog😔😂💕

    Panda PandaPanda Panda3 dagen geleden
  • I’d love to subscribe to you , but your mass murdering of my fellow horses is really pushing me away from that sub button 😅

    Koren DoddsKoren Dodds3 dagen geleden
  • Bang and bang and they bang -smallishbeans 2021

    WhalemWhalem3 dagen geleden
  • "Bang, and bang, and they bang" - SmallishBeans 20201

    Cari's Random ChannelCari's Random Channel4 dagen geleden
    • @xShayZeRatx Same here.

      Ya LiKe JaZz??Ya LiKe JaZz??Dag geleden
    • I choked on my food when he said that BAHXBAHHZHSHS I came to see if anyone else noticed😃

      xShayZeRatxxShayZeRatxDag geleden
    • You caught that too? ;w;

      Ya LiKe JaZz??Ya LiKe JaZz??Dag geleden
  • Why can’t you have a hat

    Cookie ZoidCookie Zoid4 dagen geleden
  • You should do a challenge where there are two groups of players and 1 group has to stay above ground and the other group has to stay below ground

    BrooklynBrooklyn4 dagen geleden
  • fird life

    Greg RobertiGreg Roberti4 dagen geleden
  • You should start collecting wolves because then you will have a army of wolves to protect you

    Starbunny FoxStarbunny Fox5 dagen geleden
  • Why does ldshadowlady not upload anymore?

    Haroon raisiHaroon raisi5 dagen geleden
  • "bang, bang, and they bang" -Joel 2021

    WatermelonWatermelon6 dagen geleden
  • Eeeeeettttttthhhhoooooo

    Kaden FarrisKaden Farris6 dagen geleden
  • may jerald rest in... pieces

    Mr. I dont careMr. I dont care6 dagen geleden
  • A normal day for Scar. Dies randomly.

    SPGaming666 Games and insanitySPGaming666 Games and insanity6 dagen geleden
  • Is Lizzie Ok? She hasn't been posting and I really wanna see her again🙁🙁

    lisa wogandlisa wogand6 dagen geleden
  • Killing horses are his guilty pleasure

    DragasGamingDragasGaming7 dagen geleden
  • "we all have three lives." me, who has watched too much dream smp: THREE CANON LIVES

    sunshinesunshine7 dagen geleden
    • I assume that was a heavy inspiration

      DavelynDavelyn7 uur geleden
  • {9:11} UnGreATfuLLL UNgrAETedFuLL

    Random_UserRandom_User7 dagen geleden
  • I think Grian has the hobbit hole, because ya know, hermit craft

    BradyTheGamingRexBradyTheGamingRex7 dagen geleden
  • What happened to Jeremyism

    Pedro NunezPedro Nunez7 dagen geleden
  • Joel a pg minecraft youtuber: also Joel: bang bang they bang 😳

    xX wolf XxxX wolf Xx7 dagen geleden
  • Among Us in Minecraft

    GrimmGrimm7 dagen geleden

    eva.eva.peva.eva.p7 dagen geleden
  • "ive got horse armor but i dont like horses" 1000 days flashbacks

    Jacques Matthew L. TijamJacques Matthew L. Tijam7 dagen geleden
  • "Bang, and bang. Then they bang." Wow Smallish😳 17:00

    keegan tatakeegan tata7 dagen geleden
  • i love the attempt to get a sychronised jump of all the members lol

    EndermationEndermation7 dagen geleden
  • When is Lizzie gonna post her next vid it has been ages!! Love the vid by the way

    Lucy DavisLucy Davis8 dagen geleden

    Aries ArdentiaAries Ardentia8 dagen geleden
  • im feeling that this series is gonna be great!

    TheRobloxTwinsTheRobloxTwins8 dagen geleden
  • how your saying 3rd is like *angry noises *

    LeeAnn RileyLeeAnn Riley8 dagen geleden
  • Hey are you going to join hermitcraft in season 8???

    BESTSBESTS8 dagen geleden

    Philip LamPhilip Lam8 dagen geleden
  • A ravine yummy, cant wait to crunch down on that good ol' stone

    Cindy McNallyCindy McNally8 dagen geleden
  • I'm still pretty lost - why aren't you guys allowed helmets?

    amyzinqamyzinq8 dagen geleden
  • Wheres lizzie?

    2020 Cubing2020 Cubing8 dagen geleden
  • Love this 🔥

    Madison VMadison V8 dagen geleden
  • I feel the need to point out Joel was promised 2 diamonds and he only got 1, Joel was scammed lol

    Kokichi OmaKokichi Oma9 dagen geleden
  • when he uses the name jerold instead of jeremy :(

    OmiOmiOmi 2509OmiOmiOmi 25099 dagen geleden

    Aris DrawingAris Drawing9 dagen geleden
  • He said 2 diamonds for 13 lapis but once they traded he only gave one diamond

    Zachary GregoryZachary Gregory9 dagen geleden
  • “bang and bang.. then they bang” JDBJSIEIFJRIWI

    frogfrog9 dagen geleden
  • Oop be has a Kakashi skin

    • L I N K •• L I N K •9 dagen geleden
  • "we're not allowed a helmet" *everyone else wearing a helmet except joel*

    daisy avqdaisy avq9 dagen geleden
  • I think you should start a series with you and tango

    Rob LaytonRob Layton9 dagen geleden
  • “And they bang” the word ting I’ve ever heard Joel say

    That_GuyThat_Guy9 dagen geleden
  • There once was a day in which Gerald the dog would have been called Jeremy

    Annie BillingtonAnnie Billington9 dagen geleden
  • Joel: Doesn't name the wold Jeremy Me: Joel what happened to you?!

    AdriLazyAdriLazy9 dagen geleden
  • Flashback to Xlife deaths.

    AdriLazyAdriLazy9 dagen geleden
  • Good luck And rip wolf

    Daughter Of dislestiaDaughter Of dislestia9 dagen geleden
  • Why are helmets not allowed?

    Christy_ Gacha gamesChristy_ Gacha games9 dagen geleden
  • smallishbeans should really join hermitcarft. think he would do great on there!

    Mr_GedMr_Ged9 dagen geleden
  • Geraldine no Geraldine stop attacking the skeleton 😂

    Olivia EarnshawOlivia Earnshaw9 dagen geleden
  • why are you not alaoed helmints?

    Finley WernerFinley Werner9 dagen geleden
  • Peace before... After Death war...

    SelecerSelecer9 dagen geleden
  • Bang and bang and they bang😅😅😅😅

    Marvin RiveraMarvin Rivera9 dagen geleden
  • I really like this but can you add lizzie

    Matilda FaberMatilda Faber10 dagen geleden