A Man Noticed That His Dog Watched Him Sleep Each Night Then He Realized The Heartbreaking Truth

31 jan. 2019
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  • My little sister used to do this. Turns out she just liked to freak people out.

    CammyCammy18 uur geleden
  • I don't know say what about my dog because he is dead😥😥😥

    Debbie HeinickDebbie HeinickDag geleden
  • If the Man couldn't Fcuking handle the Responsibility of taking care of the Dog why in the Hell did he Buy him. So if he thinks he can't handle the Responsibility of both the Dog and his Child then he should have thought that First. Or did he Marry knowing he won't have a Baby? Or Maybe he knew he was Sterile, and suddenly he was having a Child so he didn't get the Time to Prepare and Dumped the Dog. Why does these Stupid People get a Simple Thing, If you aren't able to Take care any Pet like your Own Child then don't Buy them and give them Hope then Leave them Stranded.

    Arch Zeleon 01Arch Zeleon 01Dag geleden
  • He realised he didn't own a dog lol

    meanhead1337meanhead13372 dagen geleden
  • I would have had a space on my bed for The baby, but WHY Doesn't "Baby" have a place on the room with YOU!???!?!? &"Previous Master"...B.S.,! If you are GOOD to Your animal Friends, They more than likely will be GOOD TO YOU AND YOURS! (I know this personally after I had my 1st child when I was 29,. I was a "little" worried,..(.No Reason), our Pet children "Took over" as Protectors and Watchers whenever I had to leave the room, and I mean PROTECT THE BABY ,TWO OF THEM DID! "They truly are Family"!)

    Rhiannon VorstagRhiannon Vorstag2 dagen geleden
  • You should know ?

    daniel lubyanskiydaniel lubyanskiy2 dagen geleden
  • How do you move a dog w/o waking it?

    KathleenKathleen3 dagen geleden
  • way to punch me in the heart with this one :(

    BleachEmpireBBSBleachEmpireBBS4 dagen geleden
  • Atleast if there’s a robber he keeps you safe

    MaliceMalice5 dagen geleden
  • Who the hell is this tool? 00:14? Looks like the poster child for Beta males the world over

    Stuart DamienStuart Damien5 dagen geleden
  • Guess what I f***** my grandma's dog

    Diana GDiana G5 dagen geleden
  • No if a dog stared at me every night I would actually be kind of frightened

    Tammara HiggsTammara Higgs5 dagen geleden
  • i m sorry but thats just a stupid story. How can his old owner carried the dog without making him wake up ? Have you ever try to carry golden while they are asleep. I tried and its not possible.

    B GB G6 dagen geleden
  • What a pile of shit. I'd sell my house and car b4 I'd abandon my dog.

    Saanguinee FweditSaanguinee Fwedit6 dagen geleden
  • This definitely happened lol

    Virginia MeloVirginia Melo7 dagen geleden
    • ye i hope its fake aswell lol cuz if its true thats messed up

      bozombiesftw1bozombiesftw14 dagen geleden
  • Hee haw

    MR HEE HAWMR HEE HAW7 dagen geleden
  • Hum ever left the dog is a monster 😪😓😥

    Kamwi JuniourKamwi Juniour8 dagen geleden
  • When one “chinese” man? Like whoa is that necessary to the story?

    AlvinAlvin9 dagen geleden
  • My neighbour killed my mother dog nd her 3 daughters by giving them poison..... 😐

    Bina KalitaBina Kalita10 dagen geleden
  • I thought the owner was as asshole initially keeping them gated, dogs are part of the pack, bad way to learn but glad you did, they are family. Some breeds take being gated as an insult and don’t forgive/forget. You are lucky but for the dog’s sake, please research dog(s) better in the future.

    Tyler HealyTyler Healy10 dagen geleden
  • This thing cute and terrifying at the same time.

    Laxman DuttLaxman Dutt10 dagen geleden
  • Look up anthropomorphism. Sadly, there are too many of these kinds of videos on NLworld.

    Scott SheafferScott Sheaffer11 dagen geleden
  • If I realised that the dog would sleep in my bed every night. Not just my room. I mean my dog used to do that half the time anyway. Now she's too old to jump up though.

    WafflingMean44WafflingMean4412 dagen geleden
  • If my dog did that i would cuddle with him cuz hes very cute

    Gianna BladesGianna Blades13 dagen geleden
  • Fellow dog owners, do any of you buy the idea that this person somehow got their dog into their car, and then into the shelter, without waking up that dog?

    vicktaruvicktaru13 dagen geleden
  • Very good video

    vishnuvishnu13 dagen geleden
  • Im crying hearing this story

    Aarya WaghAarya Wagh15 dagen geleden
  • Lmao don’t call me a retard but I thought mr.doggo was a human lol

    Poop ErPoop Er16 dagen geleden
  • He's behind UUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!

    cklambocklambo16 dagen geleden
  • This is sooo sad 😢

    COOP GAMINGCOOP GAMING16 dagen geleden
  • Why didn’t he let it sleep with him that’s what normal people do

    DNF KingDNF King16 dagen geleden
  • that guy looks super Chinese.

    caatabaticcaatabatic17 dagen geleden
  • So, how can you buy this mod? It would be really helpful for my dog who seems to vanish at daylight.

    Charo Gil MendozaCharo Gil Mendoza19 dagen geleden
  • =-(

    BINARYGODBINARYGOD19 dagen geleden
  • Sounds made up. How do you transport a sleeping dog without waking him up? Dogs are usually light sleepers. Unless, he drugged the dog before transporting.

    MrTutiplengoMrTutiplengo20 dagen geleden
  • I would’ve had him sleep in my bed with me

    Carson StullCarson Stull20 dagen geleden
  • I wish I hadn't clicked on this video :(

    AmadeusAmadeus21 dag geleden
  • Sounds like crap to me. The dog just wanted to be in the bed like EVERY other dog in the history of man.

    J RJ R21 dag geleden
  • I have a dog her name is Betty she is a border collie

    Chat Cat LydiaChat Cat Lydia22 dagen geleden
  • It says Chinese man but showed a white guy

    tdo7125tdo712522 dagen geleden
  • It sounds like the staff made up the story that only a child will believe. It’s impossible to transport a grown dog from one place to another then dropping it off without dog waking up. Unless the dog was sedated somehow, otherwise it’s impossible. If person abandoned dog while it’s sleeping, never to return, then I can believe that. That story almost had me for a second. 😄

    Mitch McConahayMitch McConahay22 dagen geleden
  • I have several times woken up to my dog staring at me with a dead look at 3 AM. Blank face and blank eyes and just staring at me. He is super cute though, so I think everything is okay.

    Boris SrivastavaBoris Srivastava23 dagen geleden
  • I also met a golden retriever in my Street looking for food In garbage I was heart broken when I realised he is a pet dog who got abandoned but Sadly I could not take him my home because my parents don't like pets and Could not even feed him 😞😞😞 Because I am not allowed to do so but why they even take a pet if they can't take care 😭

    Chocolate BGChocolate BG23 dagen geleden
  • I.. searched how to make dog sleep and I saw this.

    End BombEnd Bomb24 dagen geleden
  • The picture I was at the start the image it looked creppy

    Rhoda SmythRhoda Smyth25 dagen geleden
  • That'd freak me out.

    Sweet PopsSweet Pops25 dagen geleden
  • I know the story

    Anand GamingAnand Gaming25 dagen geleden
  • Wtf, I had two GSDs when my son was born, Dogs are family, you never abandon them.

    ZeroCoolZeroCool26 dagen geleden
  • I would never leave my dog, I divorce my wife before leaving my nest friend alone ,

    RED RedRED Red27 dagen geleden
  • Your animal is for life - not for dumping. I hope this pup can move on with his life, and realise he's for keeps 💗

    erkhetherkheth27 dagen geleden
  • You’d have to drug a dog to get it to the shelter without waking. This story seems sketchy but I agree with the sentiment of the tale, just seems ridiculous to believe it.

    FUKOFPETFUKOFPET27 dagen geleden
  • The dog is just want to challenge him

    MatsukouMatsukou27 dagen geleden
  • That's exactly how dogs are. So much like us. Scientists' opinions just aren't relevant sometimes. It's spiritual.

    facec y14facec y1428 dagen geleden
  • I think the new dog was staring thinking who tf is this guy

    Dan HDan H29 dagen geleden
  • An Ecchie Dog

    Smelly FisherSmelly Fisher29 dagen geleden
  • Chinese man? looks more like a white kid

    Tony JonesTony Jones29 dagen geleden
  • poor doggo

    TheScarredWolfTheScarredWolf29 dagen geleden
  • Wtf is this guy doing at 0:21?

    TripleJackMooTripleJackMooMaand geleden
  • Fuck dat shit kinda hurted

    Tyler TrotterTyler TrotterMaand geleden
  • Ok at first I thought this is scary then when I saw the whole title Im like: *Ok thank god*

    ZayTrismZayTrismMaand geleden
  • 2:58 Yea sure👎, the dog isn't going to stay asleep while it's loded into a car/truck and taken to a dog shelter.😂

    Ghost XXGhost XXMaand geleden
  • Im living with my dog until the day he dies. Home or no home.

    OctaneOctaneMaand geleden
  • What an awful, patronising commentary on this video. Dogs having emotions is *not* a contentious issue. 🙄

    Steven BaggleySteven BaggleyMaand geleden
  • I'm going to go hug my dogs

    TwinindustriesIITwinindustriesIIMaand geleden
  • No scientists think dogs don't have feelings, that's ridiculous, plants have feelings they experience stress

    TwinindustriesIITwinindustriesIIMaand geleden
  • *scrolling in the comments to see if the video is scary*

    Isabel StrijkIsabel StrijkMaand geleden
  • Bless that dog. Poor dog. That man is lucky to have the GR.

    edjo487edjo487Maand geleden
  • The previous owner must have drugged the dog. How does a dog go to sleep in its home and wake up in a shelter?

    Mr RayMr RayMaand geleden
  • Awww the poor experienced trauma and was fearful of sleeping 🥺

    ZolissaZolissaMaand geleden
  • I can’t get out of my bed without my dog waking up. He probably drugged the dog if the story is true.

    Mikey’s best friendMikey’s best friendMaand geleden
    • He had to have drugged the dog.

      Mr RayMr RayMaand geleden
  • I had to give away my dog and my auties dog died in the same day I was heart broken and two of my family’s cat died😢

    Lucas Rinaldi-BrandinLucas Rinaldi-BrandinMaand geleden
  • I may have to call BS here. No way a dog sleeps through his owner taking him to a car, staying a sleep in the car and also staying a sleep while owner takes him from car to shelter. My golden will wake up out of a dead sleep as soon as I or anything gets close to him. Cool story though.

    KJ TKJ TMaand geleden
  • Im gonna shoot the guy that abandoned him, not much crap makes me cry.

    HologramgameHologramgameMaand geleden
  • This is off topic- but my dog is currently sleeping on my butt as I am lying down on my stomach. I'm scared to move and wake her up

    Inject V3nomInject V3nomMaand geleden
  • This story started off kind of creepy but ended in a heartwarming way

    HHMaand geleden
  • That's fake dogs dont just sleep through that being moved they are fully aware at all times

    conrad cooperconrad cooperMaand geleden
  • i sweart to god i wouldve taken a week off of work and spend a week of loving that dog going to trips and playing 24/7

    EcstasyEcstasyMaand geleden
  • I've had one dog my entire life,she died in 2017 and was only two years old,she was poisoned by the neighbors and I can't bring myself to get another dog

    Cole Sprouses With red blousesCole Sprouses With red blousesMaand geleden
    • That's messed up...

      Mr RayMr RayMaand geleden
  • im crying

    ReleventGamingReleventGamingMaand geleden
  • This shit made me feel so sad for the dog

    cristian ayalacristian ayalaMaand geleden
  • Sus?

    Alan BulgerAlan BulgerMaand geleden
  • A: Aw, poor doggy was just afraid to be left alone again:// B: Thank God he didn't see a Ghost

    Thalia GraichenThalia GraichenMaand geleden
    • yubp

      friezafrieza26 dagen geleden
  • 🥺and these are my favorite types of dogs

    FaythluvsLyfeFaythluvsLyfeMaand geleden
  • I don’t get why people get rid of dogs when they are having a child, the child will love that dog and the dog will love the child

    Guest 1937Guest 1937Maand geleden
  • what idiot doesnt let a dog he gets in the same room when they sleep anyway. if you dont you dont deserve a dog,cat ect. just fking idiotic

    mikey mikemikey mikeMaand geleden
  • It’s BS. Voice over can say anything with still shots.

    Monda ChewonMonda ChewonMaand geleden
  • The main reason that people don't keep dogs is that are either lazy or can not be bother to train them so they because mischievous. With Consistent effort and compassion training will work just takes time. Took me a month ish to train my beagle to listen to me but like a child they don't always behave (: its what makes pets in general a joy sometimes they do really stupid things 🤣🤣 I have to make sure my back door is shut if I treat him to a bond or he just buries it lol ranting as got having a coffee before work watching some story on news whilst my beagle decide to lie on me ffs 🤣🤣

    BZeRK TBZeRK TMaand geleden
  • That's just creepy to me & My pit is watching with me

    Etomidate & succinylcholineEtomidate & succinylcholineMaand geleden
  • Ughh. I remembered in the past my dog was barked at the wall. And suddenly all dogs in our hood started to cry.

    Armitshu GamesArmitshu GamesMaand geleden
  • The dog didn't wake up as he was being transported to the shelter? How is that possible?

    Jacqueline SmartJacqueline SmartMaand geleden
    • The dog was drugged.

      Mr RayMr RayMaand geleden
  • I Hade 3 dogs one lived too twenty others 15 not ive got a 6 year old pupper dusty but i could never think of dumping aone of them (btw the 3 dogs before the pupper all died a few years back)

    W0lfRixW0lfRixMaand geleden
  • This is some weird stuff, THEIR IS A DOG STARING AT YOU

    ForesakenAlphaForesakenAlphaMaand geleden
  • I was kind of surprised when you said a dog can experience joy, fear, and anger? What would you classify as anger? I thought when a dog attacks , it’s out of fear. Can dogs actually be angry like we can? Maybe if somebody took a moms pups they could get angry? That’s all I can really think of. If he bit an intruder or attacker, that would be out of fear and protection. Maybe when two dogs fight it’s out of anger?

    Mike GMike GMaand geleden
  • Bro even the thumbnail scared me to death, I've seen way to many movies with dogs staring STRAIGHT AT ME!

    ForesakenAlphaForesakenAlphaMaand geleden
  • Dogs should learn to " take it easy "

    Birkaran Singh gillBirkaran Singh gillMaand geleden
  • I think this is a fake story, not sure though. Reason being, at least all the dogs I know of are very easy to wake up, so the dog wouldn't be awoken if he/she was moved during the night.

    ZainZainMaand geleden
  • omg that's so sad! Poor dog!

    Fatima ShadFatima ShadMaand geleden
  • I couldn’t imagine doing that

    my name Benmy name BenMaand geleden
  • Dog : gib food or me call ghost Owner : hmm strange behaviour

    Nabil Ashrar PidimNabil Ashrar PidimMaand geleden
  • I hope the prison who bannd this dog shame on you shame

    #lpsworrierkitteň#lpsworrierkitteňMaand geleden
    • If you are reading this god bless you and your family

      #lpsworrierkitteň#lpsworrierkitteňMaand geleden