A. Carraro Imoco CONEGLIANO vs Savino Del Bene SCANDICCI - CEV Champions League Volley 2021 Women QF

3 mrt. 2021
67 960 Weergaven

After an exciting and dramatic end to the CEV Champions League Volley 4th Round, we are bound to have a lot of exciting moments on the road to crowning the kings of European club volleyball.
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  • Is Kim Hill a Guest Player?

    Richmonde MRichmonde M15 uur geleden
  • 36:55 amazing defense and transition for a quick point.

    Puff Of SmokePuff Of Smoke27 dagen geleden
  • Wolosz makes egonu & kim hill so strong. She’s their power up for sure. Wolosz vs. Maja in the finals

    Chop StiksChop StiksMaand geleden
  • Joanna Wolosz is the engine that keeps this team running like a well oiled machine, setters are always key in team dynamics.

    Pinoy WatchmanPinoy WatchmanMaand geleden
  • Lovesick Girls during their warm ups 😍😍😍 Btw nice game to both teams 💪

    jhon carlo Tinduganjhon carlo TinduganMaand geleden
  • With Wolosz, any play is possible!

    Loy Marcy CruzLoy Marcy CruzMaand geleden
  • Kim hill+ robin de krujf

    Firdaussy 2008Firdaussy 2008Maand geleden
  • We can clearly see that the last match was a just bad day, Imoco was on fire today!!!! 💪🏻💪🏻🙏🏻

    supreme vlsupreme vlMaand geleden
  • wolosz is the key of conegliano hahahah I really like her playing 🥰😍

    Firdaus DMFirdaus DMMaand geleden
  • Kim Hill is so love love love

    Ramir TorrecesRamir TorrecesMaand geleden
  • does anyone know why de kruijf was doing standing float serves instead of jump float serves like she normally does?

    FloorFloorMaand geleden
    • Yes, I think she has an injury:(

      SolSolMaand geleden
    • I heard some people in the team were injured? Maybe she was one of them? Not sure just something I heard

      Wata ShiwaWata ShiwaMaand geleden
  • Kim Hill, I love u so much from Nigeria

    Blessing EkwunifeBlessing EkwunifeMaand geleden
  • Imoco gives me joy whenever they are playing

    Blessing EkwunifeBlessing EkwunifeMaand geleden
  • Kim Hill 😍😍😍

    Nana PapaNana PapaMaand geleden
  • Time ajudado pela arbitragem igual a um brasileiro que não ganha nada sem ajuda.

    VerificadinhoVerificadinhoMaand geleden
  • Good job to imoco

    Aqilla inas MahaeswariAqilla inas MahaeswariMaand geleden
  • the 0 tempo of Folie...❤

    Kru Dabid for the charKru Dabid for the charMaand geleden
  • amazing kim hill

    Paranee HaruancheepParanee HaruancheepMaand geleden
  • The Battle of setter's

    SangadithokSangadithokMaand geleden
  • imoco 50+ straight wins ..... wow

    mychael cmychael cMaand geleden
  • You can see there six players on court for Imoco & they all play as a team...unlike Vitra that relies on one player 😳🙄. I cannot wait to watch Imoco vs Novara.

    YesuYesuMaand geleden
    • @Julian Thai Vakifbank has Haak & Bartch now. Bartch is a solid attacker playing with maja, just like how strong kim hill is with wolosz.

      Chop StiksChop StiksMaand geleden
    • Imoco is so stable. They will go all way out to the finals.

      Sui GenerisSui GenerisMaand geleden
    • vitra was hot at the beginning of the season, they were hit hard by covid so I'll give them a pass this season

      John VJohn VMaand geleden
    • @Julian Thai I said what I said sis.....whether you like it not....oh well. I STAND by what I said ✌✌.

      YesuYesuMaand geleden
    • @Julian Thai Exactly. That guy knows nothing about Vitra's team.

      Josep RamirezJosep RamirezMaand geleden
  • Wolosz is so good!!!

    Kurt PfannkuchKurt PfannkuchMaand geleden
    • Yea Polish power!! 😍💪💪

      Piotr KochanowskiPiotr KochanowskiMaand geleden
  • O Conegliano é um timaço, mas a arbitragem sempre o ajuda! Assim fica mais fácil ainda!

    Jeovane NascimentoJeovane NascimentoMaand geleden
    • Chocado kkkk

      well Oliverwell OliverMaand geleden
  • 18-19 Final : Novara vs Imoco 20-21 Semi Final : Novara vs Imoco

    PTSF9123PTSF9123Maand geleden
    • Vankif vs lmoco

      Iong SuryanaIong SuryanaMaand geleden
    • @Francis thank you. 😊

      Sherwin FlorendoSherwin FlorendoMaand geleden
    • @Sherwin Florendo semis

      FrancisFrancisMaand geleden
    • @Francis so you mean vakif is already in the finals or just waiting for a team to face in the semifinals?

      Sherwin FlorendoSherwin FlorendoMaand geleden
    • @Sherwin Florendo vakif

      FrancisFrancisMaand geleden
  • La libero del savino es horrible

    No OneNo OneMaand geleden