A BUMPY Plane Ride & A 5 Goal Thriller In AWFUL Conditions! | Away Days | Ben Foster - TheCyclingGK

26 feb. 2021
264 401 Weergaven

Big game and a massive 3 points VS former Premier League winners Blackburn Rovers away.
A long old way up to Blackburn so we flew up, stayed in a lovely hotel, great din dins and a top night sleep! Match day Gym session with my boy Kieron then over to Ewood park. I focused on the two right wingers Sarr and on loan wonder kid Liverpool Harvey Elliott and even pulled up their FIFA cards to show you how they matched up against each other! They ended up stealing the show!!!!
A brilliant 3 points and a very late night but all the lads were buzzing with the win!
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  • The most bloody legend lads youtuber and pro player

    SyNc TGSyNc TGDag geleden
  • I wish GoPro's was around when Ben played for Man Utd, now that would have been a watch. Imagine following Keano with the GoPro :-D

    theswagginknadztheswagginknadz12 dagen geleden
  • Why does he wear the mask sitting by himself gahaha

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  • I think it might be Alan Shearer

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  • Steve Bruce out

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  • LG Air Conditioning at the training ground!, common thought you were a big club hahaha

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  • We never score free kicks me a few weeks later watching this are you sure about that boom they score a last minute free kick v Cardiff

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  • Ken sema, who got the keys to my bema

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  • Crouch said in his podcast becks took the best freekicks while you were in goal for england. Who would you say was the best free kick taker you've played with or against??

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  • Ken Sema little star? He's a Unit Ben son.

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  • My man sweating the result on the bench

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  • As a luton fan this is some sick content respect to you Ben maybe when you come to luton away we can get an photo ?

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  • I really hope he gets the starting spot when he’s not injured

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  • Great translation from Ben after Will spoke😊

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  • Alan shearer🙂

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  • that omelette made me crave one so badly

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  • Sarr is class on fifa

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  • Colin Hendry is the title winner. He’s still picking himself up from when Gazza knocked that ball over his head 25 years ago!

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  • *Claps when lands* Roy Keane “well that’s his job isn’t it”

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  • After a bad day, watching this just pepped me right up. Well done, mate. Well done.

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  • Actually really like this channel,I never thought I would be saying this about a channel ran by a former Manchester United player lool yes I'm a Liverpool fan.

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    • Hes injured

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  • Colin Hendry

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  • Bro this dude is so good in goal of he gets replaced I will sue Watford

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  • This is by far the best thing I've subscribed to... best NLworld channel going , love watching your videos Ben... you are an absolute legend keeping us all sane in these rubbish times, good luck Watford on your promotion push from a blackpool fan 👍

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