A Brutal fight between - Evander Holyfield and Dwight Muhammad Qawi

25 mrt. 2021
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July 12, 1986. Bronze medalist of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games, 23-year-old Evander Holyfield, in just 12 bouts in the professional ring, enters the fight for the title of world champion. The current WBA titleholder is 33-year-old Dwight Muhammad Qawi for whom it was his second belt defense...

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  • How many low blows were there?

    CWBush73CWBush738 dagen geleden
  • Is good

    Camilo ChacajCamilo Chacaj8 dagen geleden
  • A tough c... holyfield is.

    boxer wayneboxer wayne8 dagen geleden
  • My man "Real Deal" he was my favorite during his era. True Legend, greatness. Holyfield was always fit and in shape and knew how to control the ring.

    Marlene PeterkinMarlene Peterkin8 dagen geleden
  • 👋👌

    Kiez 81 HakanKiez 81 Hakan10 dagen geleden
  • no hugging and running like a bitch, pure brutallity

    dave guebadave gueba11 dagen geleden
  • Holy shit over 2000 total punches and holyfeild looses 15 lbs during the fight!! Just incredible!

    Big JBig J11 dagen geleden
  • This was one of the best fights ever. Holyfield first title fight against the Madman Dwight Muhammad Quawii aka Dwight Braxton

    G. HedgeG. Hedge11 dagen geleden
  • Qawi was a demon! A great fighter, if not for Evander, Qawi would be remembered as the best Cruiserweight ever. But that title belongs to Holyfield, the ultimate warrior. Holyfield's only weakness was his willingness to get hit. He was all heart, and never gave up on himself (except during the fight with Moorer), during which he was sick. He fought Bowe 3 times, Tyson and Lewis twice each. It wasn't until Toney knocked him out that The Real Deal hung up the gloves. The ONLY 4 time Heavyweight Champion, Holyfield stands with guys like Hagler, Chavez, Lewis, Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson and Tyson as the greatest ever.

    Curt RayvisCurt Rayvis11 dagen geleden
  • Holyfield's stamina, endurance & heart was second to none!...

    Tony ConnerTony Conner11 dagen geleden
    • @mitch dupre 💯. Evanders feet are some Of the most underrated . He’s always over his hips and ready to rip Shots . The little slide out he did to ko Douglas is beautiful. I show my students that clip as why not to Throw long uppercuts . Great fighter

    • Excellent point. Yes, Evanders will and heart is well celebrated to the point of cliche. But his fighting style is the most athletically demanding there is in boxing. Constant moving and in balance , in and out, and busts of shots round after round after fight after fight. Its truly remarkable. Holyfield is one of the greatest Professional athletes the world has ever seen.

      mitch dupremitch dupre8 dagen geleden
  • Warriors

    levitelevite11 dagen geleden
  • That guy fought just like Joe Frazier

    Wells Fun HouseWells Fun House12 dagen geleden
  • Iron Mike Tyson the best & hardest Knockout Puncher of all timés

    Sunny P.Sunny P.12 dagen geleden
  • I was there and can tell you it was one hell of a fight! It was without a doubt a homer crowd being in the ATL.

    Bob SellmanBob Sellman13 dagen geleden
  • Great fight little coverage, the cruiserweight division got little glory or coverage.

    USMC DEVIL DOGUSMC DEVIL DOG14 dagen geleden
  • Holifield el mas grande de los pesados de los ultimos tiempos les gano a todos💪❤✊😊

    Victor GonzalezVictor Gonzalez15 dagen geleden
  • Qawi was robbed in this fight.Qawi was the champ, he pressed the issue the whole fight. He never got was hurt and one of the judges must have been payed off. 138 to 147 Was a great fight but the champ won to me.

    Landre WilkinsonLandre Wilkinson15 dagen geleden
    • 138 to 147 by one of the judges highway robbery

      Landre WilkinsonLandre Wilkinson15 dagen geleden
  • Two warriors...impossible to say who won.

    Enio Luis Dos SantosEnio Luis Dos Santos16 dagen geleden
  • His a monster

    Mr I. D AhmedMr I. D Ahmed16 dagen geleden
  • I realy admire the body o f hollyfield it nspire me to work out I name my first son on him no mater he was one of a legend.

    Max PagnasMax Pagnas16 dagen geleden
  • Wow very nice

    My Islamic clubMy Islamic club17 dagen geleden
  • I never hears that fighter "Qawi' ..hes remember me about Joe frezier ..

    All RezolutionAll Rezolution17 dagen geleden
  • Holyfield is a monster

    YY18 dagen geleden
  • Hit by Evander Holyfield over 500times tells me how tough Muhammad Quay is

    Scott TysonScott Tyson19 dagen geleden
    • It's spelled Qawi.

      counterstrivingcounterstriving6 dagen geleden
    • Absolutely

      Chill VillChill Vill14 dagen geleden
  • Absolutely brutal, I will never know how it is possible for the human body to take and absorb so much punishment. Massive respect to them both for their deduction, commitment and sacrifice in order for them to perform to this level.

    Daniel HoneyballDaniel Honeyball20 dagen geleden
  • this is a fight moment where winner and loser get the respect of fans. it lives in memory forever . no running, no hugging, no dirty tricks.

    rets mejrets mej21 dag geleden
  • 6 by y an.. 👟🔻🔻🔻🔙

    Le LeLe Le21 dag geleden
  • _ščrîbêš_

    Celathian AaronCelathian Aaron21 dag geleden
  • Gpp

    Mutale SelaniMutale Selani23 dagen geleden
  • Over 1000 significant punches!!

    Alan OmuyakuAlan Omuyaku24 dagen geleden
  • Hollyfield was much thinner at this age.

    innosantoinnosanto26 dagen geleden
  • Das waren noch Boxer...nicht wie heute eine Lachnummer wie Maywather.

    Tupac ShakurTupac Shakur26 dagen geleden
  • Hi I'm grampa.

    Grampa BillyGrampa Billy27 dagen geleden
  • where are the white superiorists? time to show yourself here!

    machax002machax00227 dagen geleden
  • Dat boy knocking niggas out to next Sunday

    Devonte MorganDevonte Morgan28 dagen geleden
  • Ali vs Fraiser 4

    Todd SouhradaTodd Souhrada29 dagen geleden
  • Qawi fighting style reminds me of Joe Frazier.

    Dan RouxDan Roux29 dagen geleden
  • Hi boo boo boo boo hoo up p me ml can see it we do to go hi boo boo mm by

    Lita BejarinLita BejarinMaand geleden
  • Muhammad would’ve been bad news in the pen. Until somebody got up with him. But, up until then, kawi is bringing the blues.

    nosajlebnosajlebMaand geleden
  • Great video bro you should do a video about Jake Matlala the world's shortest boxer

    blue Deadpoolblue DeadpoolMaand geleden
  • These were gladiators. True gladiators

    TJOTJOMaand geleden
  • King of the crustier weights a giant among men ,he killed that division!

    Patrick isaacPatrick isaacMaand geleden
  • You sad sad person

    Angel SpencerAngel SpencerMaand geleden
  • I believe a fighter is a fighter no comp.

    Angel SpencerAngel SpencerMaand geleden
  • I marveled at both of these men’s abilities to take and receive punishment. Two Champions with two huge hearts.

    Stuart DamonStuart DamonMaand geleden
  • Loosing 15 Lbs in under an hour, Holyfield was lucky to be alive.

    01sapphireGTS01sapphireGTSMaand geleden
  • How could they take so many punches?!!

    Peter CravenPeter CravenMaand geleden
  • i got the answer why Tyson couldn't overpower Evander who was trained for many rounds and could absorb many big punches

  • this boxing not one sided

  • Mantaaf

    Asmarin 68Asmarin 68Maand geleden
  • The Sum of all that punches does not not equal even a single powerful punch of Tyson.Hollyfield beat him thanks to his headbutts

    Emir TaşEmir TaşMaand geleden
  • qawi's style is like joe frazier

    Buru CheroBuru CheroMaand geleden
  • God I hate that commentary

    MiaRyanneMiaRyanneMaand geleden
  • No defense what so ever 🥴 entertaining fight tho

    RoyaLLRoyaLLMaand geleden
  • Dwight hurts everybody

    Enos MoaningEnos MoaningMaand geleden
  • Evander Holyfield did not beat a prime Mike Tyson so he doesn't get any credit for that from me at least LOL

    kelcat34kelcat34Maand geleden
  • Holyfield won in my book. But what a war!

    Daniel ThompsonDaniel ThompsonMaand geleden
  • Non sarai MAI Tyson... MAI

    Maurizio SignoriniMaurizio SignoriniMaand geleden

    Elvisa HotElvisa HotMaand geleden
  • Holyfield is one of the baddest men on the planet. Very tough and the heart of a warrior

    kenkenMaand geleden
  • In the fight game if you can call it a game, you are supposed to get low if your opponent is tall but I think Quawi read to much into that rumor.

    Ayelle EfunAyelle EfunMaand geleden
    • His name is spelled Qawi.

      counterstrivingcounterstriving6 dagen geleden
  • Dewhight M. had a previous war with an inmate who was pretty good, they called the other fighter Superman Scott, good fight too.

    Ayelle EfunAyelle EfunMaand geleden
  • One of the best matches I ever seen, I remember at the time, thinking Holyfield bit off more than he could chew, but this was him impressive, relentless, fire I have ever seen at the time, and it wasn't long before I started sizing him up in my mind against Mike Tyson.

    Vinny TrippettiVinny TrippettiMaand geleden
  • As the greats get older ordinary fighters look better.

    Joseph TurnerJoseph TurnerMaand geleden
  • One of the most thrilling bouts in boxing history.. Relentless, unrelenting pressure on both sides.

    Humphrey Apolinario vlogHumphrey Apolinario vlogMaand geleden
  • Dwight was a South Camden boy

    John ReynoldsJohn ReynoldsMaand geleden
  • They do not make em like this anymore! Relentless intensity and savagery at its finest! Holyfield and Qawi would clean up in Today’s era. I kid you not! 😳🔥

    Trw 4warTrw 4warMaand geleden
  • Qawi won the first fight

    Aaron AlmightyAaron AlmightyMaand geleden
  • Quasi won the first fight

    Aaron AlmightyAaron AlmightyMaand geleden
  • أعشق هادا البطل ومحمد علي ومايك طايزون. من المغرب 2021 هولييفلد بطل عالمي لديه اليمنى سرعة ورأسه خفيف سريع

    Simo RabatSimo RabatMaand geleden
  • Shit narration but the fight was great.

    Jeff AllinsonJeff AllinsonMaand geleden
  • The smile Holyfield gives Qawi at the end and that little hug, you can tell hes saying in his mind, "holy shit, you are a tough one" always love to see fighters respect each other after wars.

    sketch2347sketch2347Maand geleden
  • Holyfield looks more like Dreaderick Tatum here than Tyson did

    Jim CanavanJim CanavanMaand geleden
  • American boxing moved the world. This was a classic fight. Now a days there is no such entertainment.

    Ahmed BaigAhmed BaigMaand geleden
    • Yeah every guy tryna play hide seek today runnin

      MasterAfricankingofjam enosMasterAfricankingofjam enos16 dagen geleden
  • Tough as nails! Two warriors.!

    Progress NotPerfectionProgress NotPerfectionMaand geleden
  • I love Evander but if he had stayed at Cruiserweight he would have gone down as the best in his division. He was a natural Cruiserweight. Dwight was a blown up light heavy having lost his half of the title to Michael Spinks in the unification bout. Still for a kid that's only had a few fights coming out of the Olympics Evander was beautiful that first fight. As you already mentioned never haven't gone beyond a rounds. I love seeing him box like that where when he moved up to heavyweight he had to take a lot more chances and a lot more abuse to get the job done. Think about it this is a guy that had his first professional fight at 175 and later on weld up fighting George Foreman and Riddick Bowe three times. I was aware that the white had done time but I didn't know that the majority of his family had done time and that one of his siblings had killed his father. He went through his own hell just to get half of the light heavyweight title much less be competitive as a Cruiserweight. This is well-made video and like that famous man said that's all I have to say about that:-)

    piludo36piludo36Maand geleden
  • Holyfield, the man who feared no one . The Real Deal.

    antu kambaantu kambaMaand geleden
  • The quickest bomb retrospectively matter because male nally appreciate from a easy carol. regular, super lute

    Adam MurrayAdam MurrayMaand geleden
  • Incredible animals we don't see any more of these days

    Eddie BEddie BMaand geleden
  • One hell of a fight! Camden in the house

    Diverse ConsciousDiverse ConsciousMaand geleden
  • Many thought Qawi had won.Holyfield was hospitalized after fight.Two great warriors.Holyfield went on to greatness.

    Gregory BrownGregory BrownMaand geleden
  • This fight reminds me of Mahamed Ali and Joe Frazer.

    James FerransJames FerransMaand geleden
  • I don't c how either stayed up n this 1???

    Ray RowdyRay RowdyMaand geleden
  • That's when Hollyfield realized that headbutts are batter than actual boxing. He never fought this way again. He always used headbutts.

    behrouz Munybehrouz MunyMaand geleden
    • That's not really true. It's mostly something that a lot of people have fixed in their heads.

      counterstrivingcounterstriving6 dagen geleden
  • So many... And I mean so many shots to the head and he kept moving

    Jj The 13ThJj The 13ThMaand geleden
  • Holyfield the horse.

    Jonathan APJonathan APMaand geleden
  • 03:26 his sorry is awesome in the middle of a war.

    Trubel TTrubel TMaand geleden
    • I 1

      Juliano MichelleJuliano Michelle18 dagen geleden
    • Hindi

      Juliano MichelleJuliano Michelle18 dagen geleden
  • I always liked Qawi as a fighter he was great.

    Harris, Melvin LeroyHarris, Melvin LeroyMaand geleden
  • Lost 15 pounds in the fight.😯 Most people don’t lose 15 pounds in a decade. Wednesday - March 31, 2021.

    Samoa MoniSamoa MoniMaand geleden
  • I became a holly field fan right away. Tough kwaii super tough!!!!

    David OlivasDavid OlivasMaand geleden
    • Qawi.

      counterstrivingcounterstriving6 dagen geleden
  • Best fight ever I still recall it.

    David OlivasDavid OlivasMaand geleden
  • One of the greatest fights of the 80's. Maybe of all time.

    GeorgeFlippinGeorgeFlippinMaand geleden
  • Tuff tuff fight

    Darryl ClaxtonDarryl ClaxtonMaand geleden
  • The Crab was one Hell of a fighter. He won a ESPN tournament in the early 80's and used it for a springboard to becoming a Champion. Check out his light heavyweight unification fight against Michael Spinks too. He is very underrated and one of my favorite fighters of the 80's.

    autie bellautie bellMaand geleden
    • True indeed Camden’s own

      Diverse ConsciousDiverse ConsciousMaand geleden
  • The Baxton Buzz Saw got tired!

    Math TeacherMath TeacherMaand geleden
  • Am I the only one who has struggled to ever like Evander Holyfield? I grew up during the 90s and didn't see him box anyone outside of Tyson, but I've seen a few fights of his here on NLworld since then. I don't know what it is. It's nothing personal against the guy, but I just can't put my finger on it. Maybe it's the look on his face.....a mixture of "I'm going to molest you in the showers", and "I'm bored and don't want to be here."

    VladprydeVladprydeMaand geleden
  • Wonder how evander got so big. 🤔

    Owen CampbellOwen CampbellMaand geleden
  • When fighters left it all in the ring .

    Daimon Mario PerezDaimon Mario PerezMaand geleden
  • This was an awesome fight almost a religious battle.

    David MullinDavid MullinMaand geleden
  • Holyfield🔥👊🔥👊

    Imre SarosiImre SarosiMaand geleden