61 CRITICAL Rocket League Tips For New Players

29 okt. 2020
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This video is the best overall guide to Rocket League for new players. In this video, I go over everything from rotation, to mechanics, settings, training, and so much more! I don’t go in depth on anything because I don’t want this video to be an hour long lol. I do, however, reference a lot of videos here in the description that you can check out if you’d like to dive deeper into any of the topics discussed.
TIP #4:
How To Train Properly: nlworld.info/key/video/mICHarO0sKZ5mnw
Top 5 Freeplay Drills: nlworld.info/key/video/saV1hb-mqJGTq54
TIP #13:
GamersRdy Coaching: www.gamersrdy.com/product-category/rocket-league-coaching/
TIP #17:
How To Be A Good Teammate: nlworld.info/key/video/2Y5zm5rQqIF5f6Y
TIP #19:
How To Rotate: nlworld.info/key/video/w6NeY9rXbXp2mGs
TIP #20:
Back Post Rotations: nlworld.info/key/video/2p5qYqasoYqXeYw
TIP #29:
How To Choose The Perfect Car: nlworld.info/key/video/04hkfLeTeX6ghqY
TIP #31:
Camera Settings Tutorial: nlworld.info/key/video/x5p9lK6yrq6hY3w
TIP #32:
Control Settings Tutorial: nlworld.info/key/video/yaabaZrKfqeZr3w
TIP #35:
Kickoff Tutorial: nlworld.info/key/video/yGxeZtOplnuLfaY
TIP #36:
Best Kickoff Strategy: nlworld.info/key/video/xKl5qMuasHpkqp4
Unique Kickoff Strategies: nlworld.info/key/video/uLF3htOUZHllaZA
TIP #49:
Flick Tutorial: nlworld.info/key/video/u4-VmsrVmKyfmGs
TIP #56:
Half Flip Tutorial: nlworld.info/key/video/xommkbemhaJ9e6I
0:00 Intro
1:10 Training/Getting Better
5:17 Dealing With Teammates
6:52 Positioning/Rotation/Strategies
11:03 Settings & Misc.
15:17 Mechanics & Terms
20:20 Outro
My Links
‣ Discord: discord.gg/32Yp5zb
‣ Twitter: twitter.com/WaytonPilkin
‣ Twitch: www.twitch.tv/wayton_
‣ Instagram: instagram.com/waytonpilkin
This video is meant to be a general overview for anyone starting Rocket League that sends you off in the right direction on certain skills and ideas you may want to improve on.
Use Creator Code: WAYTON
Thanks to Epic Games and Psyonix for the creator code.
Production music from Epidemicsound.com

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  • i just placed for the first time after playing for a week and im in gold 3 (solo). I have no idea how, but now im here to try and learn what i should know at my rank LMAO

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    • nlworld.info/key/video/2ZBmZ6nMp4dqjow👍what can i improve on?

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  • The first channel i watch for beginners stuff was virge now i copy his settings

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    • nlworld.info/key/video/2ZBmZ6nMp4dqjow👍what can i improve on?

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    • nlworld.info/key/video/2ZBmZ6nMp4dqjow👍what can i improve on?

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  • 3:23

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    • nlworld.info/key/video/2ZBmZ6nMp4dqjow👍what can i improve on?

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    • nlworld.info/key/video/2ZBmZ6nMp4dqjow👍what can i improve on?

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    • nlworld.info/key/video/2ZBmZ6nMp4dqjow👍what can i improve on?

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  • "5" I used this to got 50k CreditsI >> 𝗥𝗢𝗖𝗞𝗘𝗧𝗖𝗥𝗘𝗗𝗜𝗧𝗦.𝗫𝗬𝗭 *it worksI pretty well* එය ඉතා හොඳින් ක්‍රියාත්මක වේ

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