39 Funniest Ways to PRANK Your Friends in Minecraft!

10 nov. 2020
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39 Funniest Ways to PRANK Your Friends in Minecraft! with PrestonPlayz 👊
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  • its so cool

    Valentina KrsteskaValentina KrsteskaUur geleden
  • hi my name is jeeteshi and shoutout

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  • I love you Preston style merch I got some at home in our room at ABC diesel and tire room to school and they are the best

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  • I love you Preston you are the best NLworld or in a hotel real you are the best person

    Donavon DixonDonavon Dixon2 uur geleden
  • I got fluky apple with food for all the time and he is the best people

    Donavon DixonDonavon Dixon2 uur geleden
  • Hey can on rank noon ice power

    henry maxhenry max2 uur geleden
  • Heyyyyy I am a big fnn

    henry maxhenry max2 uur geleden
  • I love with me and Diglett

    Erica CloughertyErica Clougherty2 uur geleden
  • preston did part of it

    Faye GotsinasFaye Gotsinas2 uur geleden
  • Hi floopy

    Leylani ChavezLeylani Chavez2 uur geleden
  • NOOB1234 is super bad

    oof_gk TikTok Roblox and Minecraftoof_gk TikTok Roblox and Minecraft4 uur geleden
  • ooo floppy

    Ickle Pickle PrintsIckle Pickle Prints4 uur geleden
  • WAIT WAIT WAIT!!!! I SAW YOUR WALLPAPER AND IT WAS DEMON SLAYERS 😄😄😄😄😄 ( it was at noob1234 village prank )

    Ayona KillAyona Kill5 uur geleden
  • FLOOPYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YEA BOI!

    Lile TIERNEYLile TIERNEY6 uur geleden
  • FLOOPYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lile TIERNEYLile TIERNEY6 uur geleden
  • Poor noob123🥲

    Putra PrabawaPutra Prabawa7 uur geleden
  • preston i want to play minecraft with you and your wife

    Misha dollMisha doll9 uur geleden
  • This very funny if im boring thanks preston😊😊😊😊 and im boy

    Rodshe Aeighram GutierrezRodshe Aeighram Gutierrez11 uur geleden

    dickson chaukedickson chauke12 uur geleden
  • dont judge a book by its cover

    yamen gaming foreveryamen gaming forever12 uur geleden
  • I saw the next house

    Zander FarahZander Farah13 uur geleden
  • They ruined it its fake

    Zander FarahZander Farah13 uur geleden
  • Preston: Does fiery sheep prank on Girl1234 Girl1234: Lets sheep out Trees: Am I a joke to you? MrBeast:

    Angel OcayaAngel Ocaya14 uur geleden
  • Preston 🚮🏧🏧🏧🏧🏧🏧

    Abdul Rasid AriffinAbdul Rasid Ariffin14 uur geleden
  • You can get a free

    Tanz CeeTanz Cee15 uur geleden
  • I will use these PRANKS for sure

    Ninja XXXNinja XXX15 uur geleden
  • do not give him hints okay

    Donavic TotoaDonavic Totoa16 uur geleden
  • How old is your brother.........????????

    Kendall WagnerKendall Wagner16 uur geleden
  • You need to get rid off josh make the ultimate prank he won’t see what’s coming so get rwvenge

    Super plushy moosupSuper plushy moosup16 uur geleden
    • Yeah

      Super plushy moosupSuper plushy moosup16 uur geleden
    • I mean revenge

      Super plushy moosupSuper plushy moosup16 uur geleden
  • Floopy:vibing* Diglett:......

    Super plushy moosupSuper plushy moosup16 uur geleden
  • lol

    Lauren NeumannLauren Neumann18 uur geleden
  • LOL that funny for a video

    Michael LanierMichael Lanier19 uur geleden
  • you are da best youtuber ever keep it up

    Leonel SandovalLeonel Sandoval19 uur geleden
  • Hi

    Angie LawsonAngie Lawson19 uur geleden
  • I watch the video full on my TV

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  • Hi fope

    Marcy NicholsMarcy Nichols20 uur geleden
  • hi floppy

    Amanda toledoAmanda toledo20 uur geleden
  • I love flopy

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  • my faverite book is theoddonesout

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  • I would definitely would buy Preston styles merch if I was gonna be pranked, idk if u get pranked, JUST GIMME THE PRESTON STYLE MERCH!

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  • STOP

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  • your a hurter -.- proof : 1:tnt 2:becoming a tnt -.- 3.doing pranks -.-

    Maria Antonette CacMaria Antonette CacDag geleden
  • floop

    Tanisha GemloTanisha GemloDag geleden
  • ...

    Gabrielle LevranGabrielle LevranDag geleden
  • Preston saying grab your popcorn me: bringing chotlet

    Nidhi GoyalNidhi GoyalDag geleden
  • Brianna acid rain is so normal in minecraft it hapeened to me over 5 times

    Hamdy PlayzHamdy PlayzDag geleden
  • I kinda feel bad when Noob1234 Was on the Plesure Plate with diamonds in the suddenly He was happy at preston and than TNT comes I Feel really bad for Noob1234

    Cool panda9224Cool panda9224Dag geleden
  • ????????????????????????????????????????????

    Aayan ChovatiaAayan ChovatiaDag geleden
  • Oh

    Luka the LegendLuka the LegendDag geleden
  • you sound like Patrick preston

    Lilliana GalenoLilliana GalenoDag geleden
  • 😂😂😂😂😂

    Brittany OQuinnBrittany OQuinnDag geleden
  • Brianna told us on one of her videos

    sheryl Leesheryl LeeDag geleden
  • Lol we all know that you are friends with noob1234

    sheryl Leesheryl LeeDag geleden
  • Stop braiding mind craft houses

    Ava BradleyAva BradleyDag geleden
  • 1:66

    Zayne JeremiahZayne JeremiahDag geleden
  • 2:00

    Zayne JeremiahZayne JeremiahDag geleden
  • 3:00

    Zayne JeremiahZayne JeremiahDag geleden
  • Oh and look up Kristen crow

    Kristen CrowKristen CrowDag geleden
  • Get pranked noob1234

    Jessa SmithJessa SmithDag geleden
  • All floppy is so cute

    Lindsay TimmonsLindsay TimmonsDag geleden
  • Brianna: *gets killed by chickens* Her: That was my favorite way to die so far :D

    Lele AmadorLele AmadorDag geleden
  • g

    Alekxander RyuuAlekxander RyuuDag geleden
  • U need to place at the middle the the pumkin or jack,o lantern

    Kian Axel LacapKian Axel LacapDag geleden
  • LOL!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!1111

    Renee Laput-MendozaRenee Laput-MendozaDag geleden
  • im sike i olwas whath our vedeos

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  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    elmerkadoelmerkadoDag geleden

    jacob rosasjacob rosasDag geleden
  • Is floppy a girl or a boy?

    Jay HuntJay HuntDag geleden
  • Hi Preston my name is Jeremiah. I am your biggest fan. I am a kid. You are so funny and I love your videos.

    Jehzy FreedJehzy FreedDag geleden
    • I agree

      gamer girlgamer girlDag geleden
  • :)

    Kendall BarrettKendall BarrettDag geleden

    Kylee CooperKylee CooperDag geleden
  • none of the joshua astuff was funny

    Kylee CooperKylee CooperDag geleden

    Kylee CooperKylee CooperDag geleden
  • floop is so cute

    Shyamal Chandra RoyShyamal Chandra RoyDag geleden
  • So Cute

    Sara DaileySara DaileyDag geleden

    Meta MaxMeta MaxDag geleden
  • Preston this is what you get for trolling people

    Meta MaxMeta MaxDag geleden
  • I’m not satisfied josh only destroyed your house Preston I’m gonna get my revenge on you to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😈😈😈😈😈😈😈NO JOKE!

    Meta MaxMeta MaxDag geleden
  • Qàĺg if I v425

    denis gaming crdenis gaming crDag geleden
  • Nice

    Jon TJon TDag geleden
  • I want Twix popcorn

    Michael WinklerMichael WinklerDag geleden
  • How did you fix the dress .

    Michael WinklerMichael WinklerDag geleden
  • Asid rain is not comin Preston did it lol

    shawntirzahshawntirzahDag geleden
  • Preston’s Trap’s Are Epic so coool

    Jadiel TorresJadiel TorresDag geleden
  • Hahaha lol😂 I feel bad for briana lol😕 I’m a little sad for her

    shawntirzahshawntirzahDag geleden
  • I Floopy

    Christine GonzalezChristine GonzalezDag geleden
  • Snoopy so cute

    Britney GriceBritney GriceDag geleden
  • Is noob1234 your friend or family ;-;

    ClippedClippedDag geleden
  • Brianna the rain is acid and BTW Preston made all the pranks

    Rola ShamsRola ShamsDag geleden
  • ,😊❤️

    jofil alvaradojofil alvaradoDag geleden
  • no it is not!

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  • Yes I would

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  • y

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  • p

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  • o

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  • o

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  • l

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  • f

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  • Ok i hint you brianna undestroyable now you understand ok brianna

    Minecraft 1.12Minecraft 1.122 dagen geleden
  • I hate you pr3ston I love bri

    Spring SunSpring Sun2 dagen geleden