31 Among Us Things You (Possibly) Didn’t Know

8 nov. 2020
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31 Among Us Things You (Possibly) Didn’t Know! Among Us has plenty of hidden tricks, tips, glitches, and secrets that you maybe didn't know, so today we're covering the best tid bits about the game. From going invisible as impostor, to Will Smith's cameo, the game's original name, and more - we're covering 31 Among Us secrets you maybe didn't know. So, let's see the hidden facts of the internet's most popular game right now as Skip the Tutorial shows you 31 things you maybe didn't know about Among Us!
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  • Guys i have a new hack, if you go to freeplay, go to the laptop and be impostor click impostor.exe. many times then leave the game and join a public server then boom you impostor. Also if you click anywhere with one click you are the impostor again. Make sure to like if it works for you. If not, give me a reason and reply to me of any hack that did not work. Anyways i haave another hack, if you go to free play and go to laptop be impostor sabotage the reactor or o2 then don't go to the vent unless it reaches 1 second. If it reaches 1 second you have to go to the vent, then boom your invisible and yes, it works on any map

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  • Among us more likr asttonaut missions

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  • among us was inspired by space mafia it didn't use to be called space mafia

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