14 feb. 2021
413 649 Weergaven

Full highlights from the 2021 Daytona 500 for the NASCAR Cup Series from Daytona International Speedway.
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  • What were your thoughts on the 2021 Daytona 500?

    NASCAR on FOXNASCAR on FOX19 dagen geleden
    • Just watched Christopher Bell win the road course

      Faith ThomasFaith Thomas12 dagen geleden
    • That stage stuff is just awful.. points system, awful.. bring back good ol Winston cup style, best man wins, run what you brung RACING & maybe I'll watch the live races instead of just a highlight..

      Joseph GoldenJoseph Golden15 dagen geleden
    • @JJA1987 what's up I'm Nancy love too be your friend ...my WhatsApp number: 715 304 0837

      nancy cruznancy cruz15 dagen geleden
    • @Arizona Train Editor what's up I'm Nancy love too be your friend ...my WhatsApp number: 715 304 0837

      nancy cruznancy cruz15 dagen geleden
    • @Mark Stuart what's up I'm Nancy love too be your friend ...my WhatsApp number: 715 304 0837

      nancy cruznancy cruz15 dagen geleden
  • Mega The Nascar serie start in a new season with 2 wrecks and battles to the win awesome

    Maxi FMaxi F10 uur geleden
  • Nice .....

  • Logano: Yes! I'm gonna win! Keselowski: lmao

    Pie GuyPie Guy5 dagen geleden
  • I’m new to watching nascar and I didn’t know they don’t have doors on theirs cars, well I mean that does make sense for safety reasons

    Tommy HsuTommy Hsu5 dagen geleden
  • oh christ! you're in florida honey, no slave mask required

    bobbi jonesbobbi jones6 dagen geleden
  • F1 fan here but getting more and more into nascar. Motorsport fans unite!

    ZenzyZenzy7 dagen geleden
  • Sasha banks Champions

    Jorge PortilloJorge Portillo8 dagen geleden
  • Was good to see that asshat Busch get crashed out. Congrats to a first time winner McDowell

    Rick McLarenRick McLaren8 dagen geleden
  • v eşittir kök içinde tanalfa çarpı yer çekim çarpı yarıçap

    HayrettinHayrettin9 dagen geleden
  • Кчау

    Мудрая ПайперМудрая Пайпер10 dagen geleden
  • What do they say about doing the same thing over and over and over again, and expecting a different result?

    ilovetotri23ilovetotri2311 dagen geleden
  • Last week Bubba Wallace finished over a lap down(Over 2 1/2 miles behind the leader. This week he finishes in the 26th. You are an embarrassment to the sport. I feel sorry for Michael Jordan, wasting all that $$$ on you!

    dan bowmandan bowman11 dagen geleden
    • ​@dan bowman it's a fact he hardy has had a shot to prove himself in the new equipment but hey what ever makes your fragile ego say afloat

      EskeyEskey9 dagen geleden
    • @Eskey Still finishing near the bottom 10. Bubba always has an excuse!

      dan bowmandan bowman9 dagen geleden
    • at the 500 he needed to pit and here he has damage It's 2 races lmfao chill

      EskeyEskey9 dagen geleden
  • Excuse my ignorance but why doesn't dodge have a car out there

    Julio GranadosJulio Granados11 dagen geleden
    • money

      EskeyEskey9 dagen geleden
  • Поздравляю с победой

    Дмитрий ThirdДмитрий Third11 dagen geleden
  • Тачки в реальности

    LAIKOBOSSLAIKOBOSS11 dagen geleden
  • Where's the rebel flag?

    Adrian TAdrian T12 dagen geleden
  • nascar had become a big joke for so many reasons

    Mads JuulMads Juul12 dagen geleden
  • What kind of dumb race was this? The third place guy,#34, rams the 2nd place into the leader for the win. 34 should be banned forever.

    Perry LockePerry Locke12 dagen geleden
    • McDowell had the run and Joey went to block slowing Brad what was he supposed to do ?

      EskeyEskey9 dagen geleden
    • lol that's not what happened. Leader tried to block but car was approaching faster than he thought. Approaching faster from a legal bump that every driver does.

      Ed HunterEd Hunter12 dagen geleden
  • 10 NOOOOO

    S1Zr_ l6NDS1Zr_ l6ND12 dagen geleden
  • He should get his win stripped. He caused the crash. Joey had that race. I hope Joey punches him in the face. Na, he has to much class!

    Kyle kyleKyle kyle12 dagen geleden
    • McDowell had the run and Joey went to block slowing Brad what was he supposed to do ?

      EskeyEskey9 dagen geleden
  • Looked like he ran through wrecked them and won.he pushed them right out of his way.after 14 years and many wrecks he wins so can't say I wouldn't have done it to so congratulations.

    mike devoremike devore12 dagen geleden
  • NASCAR: McDowell wins!! Me watching on tv: Crying not for joy Micheal in victory lane: bruh

    Gamer RacingGamer Racing13 dagen geleden
  • McDowell deserves it. Cant wait to see him in the road course at Daytona he has a chance to win that to.

    Dwayne HaskinsDwayne Haskins13 dagen geleden
  • Doesn’t feel the same when Johnson isn’t driving the 48 car...

    Officially Jayden SportsOfficially Jayden Sports13 dagen geleden
  • Is this the new strategy ......wreck the leaders ....win the race.

    Bob JonesBob Jones13 dagen geleden
  • Stupid

    Tom tenTom ten14 dagen geleden
    • How

      EskeyEskey14 dagen geleden
  • I'm here because of Pitbull and Sasha Banks.

    Khristian James CalderonKhristian James Calderon14 dagen geleden
  • Did McDowell cause the wreck? Just curious what everyone else thought

    stunter 28stunter 2814 dagen geleden
  • McDowell spins the leaders and wins. What a load of b.s., typical of NASCAR. If you can't lead, crash those that can lead. Pathetic. NASCAR continues to spiral into the toilet.

    kataltoskataltos14 dagen geleden
    • He had the run what was he supposed to do

      EskeyEskey14 dagen geleden
  • радость надеюсь от победы пилота а не от краша.🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

    dimych 555dimych 55514 dagen geleden
  • Michael McDowell or Matt Benedetto two driver that I dont think anyone would complain about winning.They have both put in their time and would love to see both rack up some wins.

    Greg PetersGreg Peters14 dagen geleden
  • Kyle F'n Busch. Of course. 2:56

    Blanka LiBlanka Li14 dagen geleden
  • Congrats Michael McDowell! So cool to see you win!!

    Dyna TC88Dyna TC8815 dagen geleden
  • Really, Pitbull? Jennifer Lopez wasn't available?

    Ant RAnt R15 dagen geleden
  • This stage thing is absolutely unbelievable stupidity if NASCAR has any hope of climbing back to the top they have to let the racers race

    Wayne SmithWayne Smith15 dagen geleden
    • ​@Wayne Smith Ahh yes, Someone is upset that others have a different opinion and you feel sorry for me?

      EskeyEskey14 dagen geleden
    • @Eskey I really feel sorry for you

      Wayne SmithWayne Smith14 dagen geleden
    • @Eskey stopping a race for no apparent reason is interesting to you?

      Wayne SmithWayne Smith14 dagen geleden
    • it makes it more interesting

      EskeyEskey15 dagen geleden

    Douglas CookDouglas Cook15 dagen geleden
    • good joke

      EskeyEskey15 dagen geleden
  • I like to cheer on nascar with Peter Griffin -- "Go around in circles -- Go around in circles -- Drive around in circles -- Advertise things -- Advertise things -- YAY -- go around in circles."

    Sam DoucetteSam Doucette15 dagen geleden
    • Sam - There are at least 3 tracks with left and right turns.

      AllthatyoutouchAllthatyoutouch13 dagen geleden
  • I like the wrecks

    Jordan StavelyJordan Stavely15 dagen geleden
  • Terrible start your engines and one of the worst daytona 500' s I have ever seen if not the worst.

    Frank MFrank M15 dagen geleden
  • They speeding 🚔

    AracoixoAracoixo15 dagen geleden
  • Something has to change. To much riding single file. Can't try to pass or go to the back. BORING unless you like Crashes!

    Scott W.Scott W.15 dagen geleden
  • FckU McDowell

    Your KingYour King15 dagen geleden
    • for what ? Being faster then Brad ?

      EskeyEskey15 dagen geleden
  • Nascar is a joke , Who cares?

    Richard ClaytonRichard Clayton15 dagen geleden
    • Richard NoBODAY Cares

      JediG KermitJediG Kermit10 dagen geleden
    • you do

      EskeyEskey15 dagen geleden
  • It just amazes me how NASCAR has STILL not learned that the fans want the drivers race back to the line. ESPECIALLY if they're more than halfway through the last lap :/

    R RR R15 dagen geleden
  • Hammel 🔨

    T LT L15 dagen geleden
  • Why

    T LT L15 dagen geleden
  • Back of pack

    T LT L15 dagen geleden
  • Looked to me that Michael McDowell won by raming the cars in front of him, causing them to crash. When did the WWE come to NASCAR?

    Ever ForwardEver Forward15 dagen geleden
    • @Eskey Well I must admit, he did get lucky not getting involved in that so maybe it wasnt intentional, still, Id bet he'd of rather won a different way...but a win is a win.

      Ever ForwardEver Forward13 dagen geleden
    • @Ever Forward you need skill to drive a SS let alone stay in the draft

      EskeyEskey14 dagen geleden
    • @Eskey to-mato, ta-mato, he won by causing an accident, not by skill, as I see it.

      Ever ForwardEver Forward14 dagen geleden
    • He was not ramming him, He was faster and went to push Brad, Brad got the push and lost control

      EskeyEskey15 dagen geleden
  • What about him punting the car to get the win?? Does that NOT count in NASCAR?

    Mr. RamirezMr. Ramirez16 dagen geleden
    • rubbing is racing

      EskeyEskey15 dagen geleden
  • Least watched Daytona 500 ever. You wanna guess why? I’ll tell you exactly why.

    catocato16 dagen geleden
  • She didn't have anything to do with it ....... God, that is.

    Jack DurhamJack Durham16 dagen geleden
    • @Allthatyoutouch holy christ amighty

      Jack DurhamJack Durham13 dagen geleden
    • Wouldn't be any life at all if not for God.

      AllthatyoutouchAllthatyoutouch13 dagen geleden
  • I'm English but honestly this is one of my favourite motorsports! It is so fun to watch the drivers battle.

    Zachary KelveyZachary Kelvey16 dagen geleden
  • Congrats for FRONT ROW MOTORSPORTS and the 34 for your 1st ever daytona 500 win.

    Purwanti AllanPurwanti Allan16 dagen geleden
  • A well placed push to take out the two most annoying drivers, awesome.

    YoubetubinbrahYoubetubinbrah16 dagen geleden
  • F NASCAR and Fox 🖕👎

    Jim PattersonJim Patterson16 dagen geleden
    • Keep crying

      EskeyEskey15 dagen geleden
    • Shut up dude

      Giannis AkumpoGiannis Akumpo16 dagen geleden
  • All drives are fat

    William IceWilliam Ice16 dagen geleden
    • @Eskey is not a joke , it's true

      William IceWilliam Ice14 dagen geleden
    • good joke

      EskeyEskey15 dagen geleden
  • We missed out cause we left thinking they were going to cancel again like last year. Which we stay so we could of finish vlogging the rest of the race.

    Vince & CynthiaVince & Cynthia16 dagen geleden
    • That was on yall for not knowing they were coming back

      EskeyEskey15 dagen geleden
  • Bumper cars. With fire.

    Mark CraneMark Crane16 dagen geleden
  • I think Hamlin or Lohgano good

    Erhan KaraErhan Kara16 dagen geleden

    Lone WolfLone Wolf16 dagen geleden
  • OH no, I missed Daytona. I seem to miss a lot of sports lately. Have they started kneeling on the Bass Masters yet?

    Doug CarterDoug Carter16 dagen geleden
  • michael hits brad

    eugenecodeugenecod16 dagen geleden
  • This was, without a doubt, the worst presentation of the D 500 I can remember. The race was forgettable, not finishing until 12:30 at night, but you guys added insult to injury. Hope this year was a one-off. Awful!

    Brian ReynoldsBrian Reynolds17 dagen geleden
  • So, will there be repercussions for Kyle Busch who seemed to be the main cause of the big crash at the beginning?

    Jim SowersJim Sowers17 dagen geleden
    • He gave Bell a push , Bell went to tuck in with Aric and just tapped him in the right spot, it's racing

      EskeyEskey15 dagen geleden
  • These super speedway races are getting more and more boring as the years go by. Lap after lap of single file train. BORING!!

    ExcalibursEdgeExcalibursEdge17 dagen geleden
  • Causes final accident with bump and wins...👎

    Cosimo CrupiCosimo Crupi17 dagen geleden
  • Miss Daryl in the booth.

    Ricky DeathtowerRicky Deathtower17 dagen geleden
  • The grand marshall is one of the reasons why I stopped watching nascar and all sports you have drama bubba and now they have thug pitbull , they're trashing nascar just like all other sports TRASH🗑️💩🗑️💩

    Bug Bite'sBug Bite's17 dagen geleden
  • 1st. Daytona 500 I've missed in 50 yrs. Because of doornoose Budda I refuse to support NASCAR. Just hope no one crashed him because I don't think we would have enough F.B.I. Agents to investigate it.

    Ed 369Ed 36917 dagen geleden
    • just let it go

      EskeyEskey15 dagen geleden
  • Smithfield hams company is own by the CCP.

    Tim STim S17 dagen geleden
  • Awesome 500

    Rowdy Energy FanRowdy Energy Fan17 dagen geleden
  • Logano got screwed smh

    armando garciaarmando garcia17 dagen geleden
    • yay

      EskeyEskey15 dagen geleden
  • I wonder if bubba wallace still thinks Michael McDowell is a joke now

    Brandyn McMahanBrandyn McMahan17 dagen geleden
  • Of course bush causes the first wreak

    Jacob HodgesJacob Hodges17 dagen geleden
    • @Jacob Hodges Bell went to tuck in with Aric and just tapped him

      EskeyEskey15 dagen geleden
    • @Eskey no bush pushed bell into amarola I believe it was I'd have to watch it again

      Jacob HodgesJacob Hodges15 dagen geleden
    • Bell did

      EskeyEskey15 dagen geleden
  • Again Kyle Busch being too aggressive 14th lap start of the whole chain reaction crash. Wouldn’t be his first.

    ATLAS -XATLAS -X17 dagen geleden
  • Great first win, and I'm so happy it came with Brad wrecking Joey as they were 1 and 2, now they both aren't top 10. Great race. Good for McDowell, and I hope that happens to Joey and Brad every week

    Cameron IsenhowerCameron Isenhower17 dagen geleden
  • 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Claudio GuerraClaudio Guerra17 dagen geleden
  • 720p, come on now. Be better

    Eimaj NuddEimaj Nudd17 dagen geleden
  • More like demolition derby 500

    Tico da506Tico da50617 dagen geleden
  • great win glad it was him he was first to the finish nice to see a FORD win

    sorshia emmssorshia emms17 dagen geleden
  • Rip 33s eyebrows are

    Beefy McskilletBeefy Mcskillet17 dagen geleden
  • Kry'n Busch caused the early wreck. Got a hot foot at the end. F'm.

    Rick LRick L17 dagen geleden
  • good on him, that was a crazy last lap

    aneal Srikantaneal Srikant17 dagen geleden
  • Wow nice

    Steven TurleySteven Turley17 dagen geleden
  • Of course Kyle Busch started the wreck on lap 14, but I would of been okay if Kyle wrecked Bubba

    Joseph MatthewsJoseph Matthews17 dagen geleden
    • Bell did

      EskeyEskey15 dagen geleden
  • Nice to see a underdog win

    DanielDaniel17 dagen geleden
  • Thes drivers do Not practice social distancing

    Desmond AbrilDesmond Abril17 dagen geleden
  • Put windshield wipers and grooved tires on these cars and let's see who can really drive these cars

    DavidKupyDavidKupy17 dagen geleden
    • no,

      EskeyEskey15 dagen geleden
  • And with this win, Michael McDowell basically locks himself into the playoffs for the first time in his career.

    C.J. O'DellC.J. O'Dell17 dagen geleden
  • Michael McDowell's win was just unbelievable for me also notice how every 10 years an underdog wins the Daytona 500 10 years ago it was Trevor Bayne now its Michael McDowell

    Nathaniel SabetNathaniel Sabet17 dagen geleden
  • I did not know McDowell never won a race before the 500 which was surprising

    American102 GamingAmerican102 Gaming17 dagen geleden
  • How many cars he needed to wreck for that win?

    John A. SheehanJohn A. Sheehan17 dagen geleden
  • First win EVER at Daytona 500.. Priceless.. Keep the momentum going Michael McDowell

    Jimmy DiazJimmy Diaz18 dagen geleden
  • Anybody wins other than that cry baby Elliot

    Shannon HShannon H18 dagen geleden
    • not a cry baby just yall dont like him

      EskeyEskey15 dagen geleden
  • Has there ever been a Daytona without a Big Onr?

    Michael DavidMichael David18 dagen geleden
  • Click like if you didnt watch the knee dropper 500, or bother watching this video...

    Duane HallDuane Hall18 dagen geleden
  • pitbull and sasha banks

    francisco Choquefrancisco Choque18 dagen geleden
  • Should be gentlem instead of divers start your engines

    moose tracksmoose tracks18 dagen geleden
  • Bowyer fits right in up in the booth, he was great throughout the weekend. Congrats to McDowell/the 34 team and the whole organization as a whole.

    Hamlet DerohanianHamlet Derohanian18 dagen geleden