1950's LSD Experiment - Artist

22 jul. 2013
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An experiment conducted in the 1950's where a researched gives an artist LSD while asking a series of questions over the duration of the experience. This footage accompanied the 'In Case of Emergency Break Glass' art gallery presentation and is intended as a companion video when viewing the work. troybaverstock.com/art/in-case-of-emergency-break-glass/
SOURCE: Department of Physiology, University of Southern California Medical School

  • Does anyone know what the name of that intro tune is ?

    DiggensaggDiggensagg11 minuten geleden
  • Off his little rocker 🤣🤣🤣

    Jack GriffithsJack Griffiths32 minuten geleden
  • Darmn..that's a good looking patient!

    La Prince ConyersLa Prince Conyers45 minuten geleden
  • Well you see This square is a perfect rectangle

    MoreThanLessRJehMoreThanLessRJehUur geleden
  • What a fucking buzz kill. Let this man trip alone and just record him and get his interview right after 😭

    MoreThanLessRJehMoreThanLessRJehUur geleden
  • Stop whining about the doctor "ruining" his trip. This was an experiment, not two friends doing drugs together

    J KJ K2 uur geleden
  • #mkultra

    J KJ K2 uur geleden
  • Im tripping and him laughing is making me laugh so hard "Its..... billowing" hah what a word choice

    Mayn 90'sMayn 90's3 uur geleden
  • Diplo used this sound for Wish by trippie redd I think

    Bigger FarterBigger Farter7 uur geleden
  • 18:40 he was like "okay you are tripping balls"

    TravisTravis7 uur geleden
  • That doctor guy would bum me out

    my gold fish drownmy gold fish drown12 uur geleden
  • Trying to explain what a trip feels and looks like.. Is like trying to explain colour to a person who was born blind,.

    Michael RontgangerMichael Rontganger13 uur geleden
  • Bro it’s takes 30 minutes to an hour for you to get high thought

    Cameron AlexanderCameron Alexander16 uur geleden
  • Do you find difficult to draw or easier ? No, it is just a lot of fun!!

    Nicolas GarciaNicolas Garcia21 uur geleden
  • they ruined this man...

    StrifeGuyStrifeGuy21 uur geleden
  • I wonder what would be the interview like if there is an another artist to interview...or artistic doctor😀

    Rahul SainiRahul Saini22 uur geleden
  • so sad that he committed

    SharpTheDemonSharpTheDemonDag geleden
  • Two years later this artist committed suicide. Hmmmmm

    Mas KitoMas KitoDag geleden
  • "It's like... it's like... ummm" Exactly; an experience indescribable and unlike anything.

    Golden StrykerGolden StrykerDag geleden
  • Give him some water damn lol

    carlos jimenezcarlos jimenezDag geleden
  • I would hate to trip balls while someone is constantly asking fucking questions

    Jacob HallJacob HallDag geleden
  • Concentrate

    Jacob HallJacob HallDag geleden
  • The guy dont want to eat and he getting aggervated cause dude wont shut the fuck up while he is tripping talking about eating. Lol

    Jacob HallJacob HallDag geleden
  • Department of psychology Southern California LOL it figures

  • Doctor: How ya feeling Billy? Billy: Tripping balls dude! Buckwheat was a genius! I've seen Oprah's booty! Doctor: That's wonderful Billy. You're fit for society again.

    Scott WalshScott WalshDag geleden
  • Don't take the brown acid. I'm warning you you hardons! - Larry Fine Woodstock 1969.

    Scott WalshScott WalshDag geleden
  • That Doctor is in serious need of medication. You want to know how it feels? Do it yourself and let my guy enjoy the buzz.

    JohnyumiandCarmen WilliamsJohnyumiandCarmen WilliamsDag geleden
  • 16:07

    Lucas BakerLucas BakerDag geleden
  • 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    KCChiefsGirlKCChiefsGirlDag geleden
  • It’s pretty cool that Bill O’Reilly was in an LSD experiment in the 50s. I didn’t know he was that old though.

    Martin Borgaard JespersenMartin Borgaard JespersenDag geleden
  • He kept his shit together 100 miligrams of that pure pure

    Jordan SacJordan SacDag geleden
  • Nazi doctor

    CeeBarrio1CeeBarrio1Dag geleden
  • "IT GETS CLEVER-ER!" This is history

    dan andrewsdan andrewsDag geleden
  • he fr spoke like a man on acid, i love this

    mitzimitziDag geleden
  • Still a sweet mouth 👄

    Dlo brownDlo brown2 dagen geleden
  • I wonder why the doctor not give himself lsd so gets high too

    B TB T2 dagen geleden
  • Any body where can I get LSD in the UK, or online from trusted sources.....I want to try it before I die......purely for creative art research purposes.....I'd like to compare it to the Ketamine trial I was on. If feel an overlap with some of these guys experiences. Heightened awareness of reality, multiple realities of perception, beauty, etc. I defo felt different for while after......more together n complete.....the World felt quite insignificant....or less somehow......petty.

    The Creative ManifestShowThe Creative ManifestShow2 dagen geleden
  • I took part in a ketamine medical trial....it was top notch medical grade stuff not yr crap street stuff.....100% pure ...best few weeks of my life...... literally life changing.....it was fantastic! This dude a lucky guy.....I'd volunteer for LSD trial in a heart beat! Altered states under medical supervision is fantastic! They said I was the best subject on the trial cus I cud articulate the experiences si vividly being an creative artists myself. It was incredible....that's all I'm saying......with lovely chilled ambient music to! Wow.....nothing compares in real life. P.s don't do drugs unless under supervision....or very very experienced......which takes a slow up of time.

    The Creative ManifestShowThe Creative ManifestShow2 dagen geleden
  • Idk. Kinda seems unrealistic

    Tyler StoneTyler Stone2 dagen geleden
  • i dont want to let go.... its gonna happen... Anyways..... XD

    SinSin2 dagen geleden
  • Drunk men

    sean warrissean warris2 dagen geleden
  • Coming from someone who's been on many trips, this would be terrifying, this dude handled it very well.

    HumanQualitiezHumanQualitiez2 dagen geleden
  • Man, this doc is the worst sitter ever.

    Haris Ibn SahirHaris Ibn Sahir2 dagen geleden
  • Red and green

    Jace BarnettJace Barnett2 dagen geleden
  • This is Robin Williams' dad

    Adam BradleyAdam Bradley2 dagen geleden
  • The research mistake was that the interviewing doctor never did LDS before, and then though he could conduct a beneficial experience with this guy in a manner which would produce insight and understanding. If he had done LDS before, he would be mindful with the experience he created for this research participant, and realize that while he is asking these highly cognitive questions, this guy probably sees his face sliding off his skull with his eyeballs getting all googly eyed.

    Anthony AlonzoAnthony Alonzo2 dagen geleden
  • If he only had Pink Floyd the Wall playing he would have been on point

    Larry PetersonLarry Peterson2 dagen geleden
  • Welcome to ego death, my friends. Beautiful ❤

    fatboy freddiefatboy freddie2 dagen geleden
  • They tested them in a dark "cage"... That is like the absolute worst way to try and take lsd.

    Jonathan LongJonathan Long3 dagen geleden
  • 15:22 noooo ! and his reaction is brilliant

    SaulSaul3 dagen geleden
  • Да Сальвадор походу всегда под лсд был) Прям так похоже этот художник писал

    Алексей КостроминАлексей Костромин3 dagen geleden
  • lsd the best drug ever/

    bruno singhbruno singh3 dagen geleden
  • At the end when he said , one last burst of ecstasy I thought holy fk giving him E's at this stage would send him into orbit.🤣

    G SummyG Summy3 dagen geleden
  • That clap 😂😂😂😂 killed the vibe

    Craig BaileyCraig Bailey3 dagen geleden
  • I love the clap, and doc says yes and no is correct 😂 so interesting!

    James AnsonJames Anson3 dagen geleden
  • Apparently, this guy's third eye is opening, for y'all to see it!

    Mean AngelMean Angel3 dagen geleden
  • Lol... So fast just 1 sec after drink he gt lsd effect.. shitty fake

    Alwi AssegafAlwi Assegaf3 dagen geleden
  • Goddamn this dude can describe a trip like no other!

    Mike MartinMike Martin3 dagen geleden
  • he knew we were watching.

    Brian SchneideBrian Schneide3 dagen geleden
  • Ultra violence

    Burn It DownBurn It Down3 dagen geleden
  • This is insane. Do you how many times i wouldve called the doctor a bitch

    Chris ThaBadGuyChris ThaBadGuy3 dagen geleden
  • Roger Federer can draw .

    Alex MartinezAlex Martinez3 dagen geleden

    Rocky River OutdoorsRocky River Outdoors3 dagen geleden
  • I'd be laughing my arse off...hes being so polite...you know he wants to bust out laughing.....those damn Nazis experimenting on us after the war

    Laura KistnerLaura Kistner3 dagen geleden
  • why does the carpet have such long threads? Why does my dogs breath smell like cat food? can we ice skate in the back of the boat?

    Geo The PaganGeo The Pagan4 dagen geleden
  • Yes trying to help a tripping person to concentrate by frightening them, sounds like a logical idea

    Guy katzGuy katz4 dagen geleden
  • Drawing the thing with his eyes closed

    Guy katzGuy katz4 dagen geleden
  • Imaging scrolling youtube and then you see your grandpa on drugs.

    Lars De DeckereLars De Deckere4 dagen geleden
  • Doctor..what a buzzkill eh

    EzizEziz4 dagen geleden
  • So this guy, on 100μg of LSD, can draw better than I can dead sober.

    RobotSpiderRobotSpider4 dagen geleden
  • The doctor is such a buzzkill.

    Bum Numba OneBum Numba One4 dagen geleden
  • I need a time machine, I would love to be part of these experiments!

    Roger92 RabbitRoger92 Rabbit4 dagen geleden
  • Been there. Done that... I don’t recommend it.. it’s not for the weak of mind... it feels like you enter a spirit world where God is not present...but not every time, it depends how much you take...

    Robert MakiRobert Maki4 dagen geleden
  • ahh yeah he tripping.

    jackjack4 dagen geleden
  • At 21:55 ........ I feel the same way

    Ale CosmicAle Cosmic4 dagen geleden
  • Can't imagine Tripping that long sitting in a chair without getting up and moving around!

    Entertainment for youEntertainment for you4 dagen geleden
  • This drug was to be weaponized by the U.S. Military, to be used against enemy troops, who would be so out of their mind that they could not fight, did this work, NO, as far as I know.

    Apocyl DoomerApocyl Doomer4 dagen geleden
  • This doctor making me have a bad trip ! He needs to drop at lest 3 hits himself!

    Ernest KempErnest Kemp4 dagen geleden
  • No way would I ever try this nor anything else

    Peter SchurzPeter Schurz4 dagen geleden
  • LSD makes americans want to eat healthy. We can't have that here, let's ban it.

    rukiddinbrorukiddinbro5 dagen geleden
  • Morrissey?

    CreAntCreAnt5 dagen geleden
  • Alot of stupid, annoying questions.

    petrichorpetrichor5 dagen geleden
  • Jesus, Dr Buzzkill in the house.

    portaccioportaccio5 dagen geleden
  • Doctor: This is terrible isn't it? Tell me how terrible it is. I want to hear how awful everything is. Bill: I feel so amazing I don't want this to end Doctor: Would you say that you've lost your mind?

    ADRADR5 dagen geleden
    • 😂😂 oh god this one got me could've read it without that accent

      Just A HumanJust A Human2 dagen geleden
  • Wtf he jus said he feels people are watching him dis has to be capped

    Bullet ProofBullet Proof5 dagen geleden
    • This comment is so strange for some reason

      Just HumanJust Human4 dagen geleden
  • The doctor is focused on finding negativity in everything that is happening.

    ADRADR5 dagen geleden
  • This guy is the worst “doctor” ever!

    Mike TambzMike Tambz5 dagen geleden
  • That doctor killed his vibe ...

    Peter YoungdalePeter Youngdale5 dagen geleden
  • This man is appreciating his lsd trip. Asking the real questions. Don’t water down my trip, doc!

    zelda77zelda775 dagen geleden
  • 5:56 this is very interesting. kind of eerie- knowing that atoms change upon observation. By saying the rug "knows he is watching it" he is making a statement supported by science. wild

    sebastian magnottisebastian magnotti5 dagen geleden
  • This man said a square is a rectangle and was one of the first memes. He really is in another reality

    O.G. JuicO.G. Juic5 dagen geleden
  • I didn't know Quentin Tarantino was in this.

    R RybickiR Rybicki5 dagen geleden
  • What a bummer doc

    tasteslikeawesometasteslikeawesome6 dagen geleden
  • Acting normal on drugs is hell.. But it's a good sport.

    Vic A.Vic A.6 dagen geleden
  • Man he was pretty accurate with the :"pulsing" feeling. And how your body's natural response to the drug seems to make you laugh, literally.

    TheLizardShamanTheLizardShaman6 dagen geleden
  • I would like to witness such an experiment

    Anna CzarnyAnna Czarny6 dagen geleden
  • A very interesting study.

    Scott AllenScott Allen6 dagen geleden
  • I feel bad for this guy, he didn’t even watch ASAP Rocky music videos smh 🤦‍♂️

    Liam ChristLiam Christ6 dagen geleden
  • Yall he wasn't seeing different realities, this man was seeing the future, he felt us observing him, he assumed the carpet was grey cos that's how we saw it

    Prison Mike UwUPrison Mike UwU6 dagen geleden
    • The carpet was grey but he saw colors, the doctor specifically said it was grey

      ripcitybitchripcitybitch3 dagen geleden
  • YOOOO “Why don’t you just taste it” fuck this doctor that man KNEW he couldn’t stomach that food and the doc knew too and he wanted him to eat it anyways, what research answer do you receive from making him eat it? Confirmation that he pukes?

    Brandon KniskernBrandon Kniskern6 dagen geleden