15 TREES | Satisfying Cookie Decorating | THE GRACEFUL BAKER

23 nov. 2020
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A time lapse compilation of decorating 15 different tree cookies with royal icing!
Real time tutorial of these cookies: nlworld.info/key/video/pXmYe6zIeZZ2ZqI
INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/the.graceful.baker
Techniques covered in this video:
- One and two consistency outline and flood
- Gold splatter
- Lettering
- Bear technique
- Using a projector
- Brush embroidery
- Piping lines
- Flat and crumpled parchment paper technique
- Etching with a scribe
- Wet on wet
- Crackle technique
- Pressure piping
- Edible moss
- Painting with icing
Amazon shop of my favorite things: www.amazon.com/shop/the.graceful.baker
*I do receive a small commission from items purchased from my shop. I only include items I personally own and love!*
Projector: I own both of these projectors. I first owned the Pico and purchased the Bluetooth as an upgrade. If budget is a concern, the Pico gets the job done (just make sure that you're plugging it in correctly!). Otherwise, I recommend the Bluetooth - it has a better/brighter image and connects via Bluetooth.
1) amzn.to/3348i24 (affiliate link) - Pico
2) amzn.to/2URI0dV (affiliate link) - Bluetooth
Dehydrator: amzn.to/38mYL75 (affiliate link)
Mounts/stands for filming and projector:
**Use code "GRACEFUL" for 20% off your order from Arkon Mounts**
I personally have two mounts: one for my phone (to film) and one for my projector.
1) Pro Stand with Weight Based (the minimum must have!): www.arkon.com/product/HD8RV29-phone-stand-periartist-baking-livestream.html
2) Creators 3-in-1 Phone and Tablet Stand Bundle (same as the Pro Stand PLUS an iPad holder and small ring light): www.arkon.com/product/RCBTABLED-remarkable-crafting-video-tablet-phone.html
Tipless bags: Borderlands Bakery - borderlandsbakery.com/product-page/tipless-piping-bags-s-or-m-100-pcs/
Cookie cutters:
- Rounded tree from Sweet Sugarbelle: flourbox.com/collections/sugarbelle-cutters/products/sugarbelle-winter-4-pc-cookie-cutter-set
- Sharp tree from Kaleidacuts (3.5”): www.kaleidacuts.com/products/classic-tree-cookie-cutter?_pos=1&_sid=acd39ca34&_ss=r
Cookie swivel: www.shop.lcsweets.com/products/the-cookie-swivel
The Sugar Art DiamonDust in white: www.thesugarart.com/collections/diamondust/products/dd-01-br-white-diamond?variant=22043892088917
The Sugar Art Sterling Pearl in Wedding Gold: www.thesugarart.com/products/sp-309-br-wedding-gold?variant=11848058439
The Sugar Art Elite dust in White: www.thesugarart.com/collections/elite-color/products/ec-701-br-white?variant=11850338823
Black marker: www.tweetscookieconnection.com/product-page/tweets-ultra-fine-point-water-resistant-marker-black
Fondant tool (affiliate link): amzn.to/2KrpcAk
- Fine detail brush: chuacookie.com/shop/ols/products/diamond-bling-interchangeable-paint-brush
- A great starter set: borderlandsbakery.com/product-page/borderlands-brush-set-9-pcs/
Scribe: amzn.to/30zTkPd (affiliate link)
Music: www.purple-planet.com "Winter Wonder"

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